So You Want To Be A Sydneysider?

Useful Links
Everyone’s culinary friend – what’s the most popular Burmese restaurant in Strathfield? Is there a Polish restaurant in Glebe? Find out at

Sydney is a big city – where to start, when it comes to seeing what the city has on offer? This government website may be overwhelming, but it’s definitely a great place to start and has unexpected gems like historical tours of famous Sydney streets.

If you have an Access card, you may be surprised and what discounts you could be getting. Check the website to see what your card can offer you!

For planning your trips via public transport, try

For train timetables, go to

A quick weather reference at

For all your navigational needs –

Domestic travel
Virgin Blue or Jetstar sometimes have cheap flights. Check the airport you are landing at eg Jetstar stops in Melbourne Avalon airport, an hour out of Melbourne whereas Virgin Blue stops at Tullamarine which is 20 mins away.

Buses to Canberra are often, cheap and take 3.5hrs. Long distance train rides are often more expensive than plane rides, but you do get to see more of the countryside.

The commercial TV channels in Australia have their news bulletins on at 5-6pm, then 6-6:30pm. SBS has good world news starting at 6:30pm, and ABC at 7pm followed by the highly esteemed 7:30 Report.

Got more useful tips? Post them up in the comments box!


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