2013 – Semester 2: New Website

Hi Unimates,

We’re approaching another semester of exciting events. As of this semester we have a new website, be sure to check it out at <http://usydunimates.com>. This blog will still be active.

If you experience any difficulties with the new website, please email us at <usyd.unimates@gmail.com>.

Kartik Gupta

IT Officer


The Game of Votes is over. Unimates AGM 2012 Result

So the Game of Votes is over, and once again, Unimates have elected the 2012/2013 Committee who will be taking over at the end of Semester 1, 2012 (08/06/2012). 


The results:

President: Patrick Ward

External Vice-President: Tom Dominic De Guzman

Internal Vice-President: Andrew Song

Treasurer: Andrew (Andy) Jung

Secretary: Yasutoshi (Yasu) Park

Public Relations Director: Esther Li

Marketing Directors: Rachel Wong and Sarah Ruchikhachorn

IT Officer: Kevin Nguyen

Event Coordinators: Adam Nguyen and Cecilia Hidajat

Major Event Organizers: Al-Karim Madhavji


If you’re still interested in joining, don’t hesitate to let us know. The available positions are:

Welfare Officers (1 male and 1 female)

1 Cumberland Representative

1 International House Representative

2 Event Coordinators

2 Coffee and Cakes Coordinators

2 Major Events Organizers


Congratulations to the new Committee! And a round of applause for the nominees who did not win any positions but gave their very best. It was definitely one of the most intense AGM I ever had, especially for the President role.

I look forward to meeting all the new committee during the official handover meeting. 

Good luck to the next Committee!


Zareth Lim

President of Unimates

For Fun, For Friendship, Forever


25 Mar 2012: You’re invited to International Week



Oh boy, in approximately 1 hour, it’s going to be Week 4 of the semester. Are you starting to feel the pressure from all your assignments and quizzes? You know what I’m talking about, the ones that you put off since Day 1, thinking you have plenty of time. Now Time is here and there’s nothing you can do except burn the midnight oil (and add to your crushing student debt) while imbibing copious amount of caffeine that is way over the legal limit.

Then you have a nervous breakdown like Jessie Spano from the television series Saved by the Bell:





But there’s something you should be excited about!

Next week is International Week and it’s going to be an amazing experience!

But what is International Week?

Yun Liu, the External Vice-President, describes it in the most awesome way:


International Week is a new initiative by the USU to promote the amazing cultural diversity we have on campus. It’s a three-day showcase of the unique customs, languages and costumes from the many different nationalities and ethnic groups here at Sydney University. It’s all about bringing everyone together to enjoy!

There will be a heap of fun and interesting activities for culture-hungry students. We have a surf simulator, interactive games, language corners, foreign language calligraphy, prize giveaways as well as world music and international film screenings. Oh, and don’t miss your chance to try as many cultural costumes as possible on the 29th March!

In addition, there will be talks and workshops designed especially for international students. The first talk will provide helpful information and tips to succeed the IELTS test, held on 27th March 4-5pm on Level 5, Wentworth Building. The second workshop, in collaboration with the Careers Centre, will provide useful insights for international students to find casual or part time employment in Australia, including tips for finding jobs and interviews. It will be held on 28th March 4-5pm in the New Law School Lecture Theatre 104.


Check out the full program here. And mark your attendance here.

So why should you bother? Well, University of Sydney has almost 11,000 International students (I made that number up, but I’m sure the figure is somewhere around there) and we all come from diverse cultural backgrounds. And what’s more awesome than interacting with and learning about new cultures within University of Sydney?

And most importantly… it’s FREE!

So see you there, Unimates people. In the meantime, keep your chin up and don’t break down like Jessie Spano.


For Fun, For Friendship, Forever

Zareth Lim

President of Unimates.


P.S. Didn’t mean to look so darn fierce in the photo.

17 Mar 2012: Have you done your readings?

Week 2 is over. The heady, exciting days of O-Week and Week 1 are now over. Readings, assignments, and quizzes are starting to pour in and you’ve realized that you have no time for the 22 societies you’ve signed up with during O-Week (pssst, do make time for Unimates though).

You feel like screaming, don’t you?



Actually, I wasn’t screaming about not having a fantastic university life. Rather, I was screaming to the heavens since most of my group members decided to abandon me during last week’s City Tour. For some reason, I have a knack of losing people. During my first City Tour, I managed to lose my entire group. Don’t worry, they somehow managed to make it to the Opera House on their own. And they got there before me.

Anyway, I don’t blame my group members, the City Tour can be a rather tiring walk. Check out the before and after photos:

I think we had a 30% casualty rate. 

You feel like screaming, don’t you?

Ranting aside, I hope you’ve settled down in Sydney, that you’ve finally managed to get that elusive, perfect timetable (no timetable clashes with a 4 days weekend), that your lecturers don’t read off from the Powerpoint slides (and record the lectures), that your tutors are interesting people, and you have managed to make friends with people in your tutorials. 

Doesn’t always happens though.

But don’t despair, you still got Unimates!

Next weekend, we’re going to an Australian Football League (AFL) game. This will be one of the most exciting games of the season as it marks the entry of the new AFL team: the Greater Western Sydney Giants. More details will be out soon in our newsletter at the end of this week. I’ve been to two AFL games and I still don’t really understand the rules. But trust me, the atmosphere will be electrifying and you’ll be cheering along with the rest of the stadiums.

And in Week 4 (29th March, Thursday), we have the massive intersociety cruise party: Masked Murder on the Dancefloor Cruise. This is a joint major event with five other societies and there’ll be lots of partying and drinking. I don’t think I’m going to make it to my Friday tutorial alive. But sometimes, you got to live life on the wild side. So come and grab your tickets, we’ll be at Jane Foss Russell building, outside the Uni Shop and opposite EasyWay. If you want more details, just shoot us an email at usyd.unimates@gmail.com. And check out the awesome poster designed by KSA (Korean Students Association):

So I hope you have a great weekend! I hope to see you at one of our Coffee and Cakes session, and if I don’t, I’ll see you at one of our weekend events. Now, I need to stop procrastinating and get back to my readings. Oh yeah, and check out the new Unimates video!

For Fun, For Friendship, Forever

Zareth Lim

President for (of?) Unimates.

O-Week! Welcome BBQ! Carnival!

25 Feb 2012

Welcome to Unimates 2012! For new or prospective members, please take your time to explore our website/blog. All the links are at the top of the page. For our returning members, welcome back to Sydney! We hope you had a great summer break and are ready to face the challenges of Lord Assignments and Death Exams (sorry, private joke).

(Yes people, I copied and pasted the first paragraph from my previous message).

O-Week is back! It’s bigger and better! This year’s O-Week is the largest that the University of Sydney Union has organized, and the theme of O-Week is THE CIRCUS. There’ll be a Big Top, lots of tents, animal balloons and face painting. Besides all those, there will be 161 clubs and societies taking part in O-Week.

161 clubs and societies.

No joke. Unimates is one of the many 161. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to find us. How? By looking out for this intimitating poster:




Once you see this poster, you’re obligated to sign up with Unimates. No buts, no ifs. Just sign up. Also, seeing this poster in my message is considered as an obligation to sign up with Unimates. I’ll be seeing you at Stall 193. 

During O-Week crazefest, on 2nd March (Friday), we’ll be having our traditional Welcome BBQ to kick off the semester (and the weekend). The Welcome BBQ is free for all Unimates members! If you’re not a Unimates member, you’re welcome to join us. Just sign up with us! Not expecting that, were you? But seriously, sign up with us. I mean, check out these bad boys:







Anyway, don’t forget to check out the O-Week website to discover all the awesome events that will take place during those 3 days of crazy madness.

It’s times like this when I love USyd.

All in all, Semester 1, 2012 is going to be be a kick-ass semester (and an exciting year in general) for Unimates. This semester, in Week 4, we have a major cruise party with five other societies. There’ll be free flow of alcohol. There’ll be sushi too, so I’ve heard. Sushi on a cruise ship. How fitting. Anyway, I can’t say too much for now, but do check back on this website for any updates (should be sometime next week).

We are also proud to announce that Unimates Coffee and Cakes sessions are now sponsored by Yuga Cafe and Gallery. Do expect lots of tasty cakes, teas and lamingtons this semester.

And if you ever get lost on the campus, you can download the UniMate app onto your iPhone. We’ve partnered with UniMate to make your university life much easier. Trust me, two and half years on campus and I still get lost sometimes. Just click on the UniMate icon on the left hand bar of the website to go to the iTunes store. This amazing app was developed by a fellow USyd student. I’m a Blackberry guy, but I’ve seen the app in action, and I must say, why is there no such app for Blackberries?


Anyway, I’ll see you at our O-Week stall from 29th Feb to 2nd March. And do go for our Welcome BBQ on 2nd March.

The map to find your way to food and drinks:



So see you soon!

For Fun, For Friendship, Forever

Zareth Lim

President for Unimates.

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