I’m no longer President! Bye-bye everyone! And screw you pelicans!

In case you have been hiding under a rock, holed up in your home, or plain unaware of what was going on, I’m no longer President of Unimates. Effective on 1st June 2012 (last Friday), Patrick Ward is now President of Unimates. Yeah, I was just as shocked when I received my retrenchment letter.   … Continue reading

The Game of Votes is over. Unimates AGM 2012 Result

So the Game of Votes is over, and once again, Unimates have elected the 2012/2013 Committee who will be taking over at the end of Semester 1, 2012 (08/06/2012).    The results: President: Patrick Ward External Vice-President: Tom Dominic De Guzman Internal Vice-President: Andrew Song Treasurer: Andrew (Andy) Jung Secretary: Yasutoshi (Yasu) Park Public Relations … Continue reading

Mid-Semester Break: What are you up to?

The long Easter weekend is coming to an end and I trust that most of you had actually retained some memories from the past 3 days.   If your response is a “Gaaaa … what day is it?”, it’s okay, I understand. Go back to bed. But before you close the curtains and heed the call … Continue reading

25 Mar 2012: You’re invited to International Week

    Oh boy, in approximately 1 hour, it’s going to be Week 4 of the semester. Are you starting to feel the pressure from all your assignments and quizzes? You know what I’m talking about, the ones that you put off since Day 1, thinking you have plenty of time. Now Time is here … Continue reading

17 Mar 2012: Have you done your readings?

Week 2 is over. The heady, exciting days of O-Week and Week 1 are now over. Readings, assignments, and quizzes are starting to pour in and you’ve realized that you have no time for the 22 societies you’ve signed up with during O-Week (pssst, do make time for Unimates though). You feel like screaming, don’t … Continue reading

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