Unimates is managed by a fun-loving, dynamic, and dedicated committee. The committee frequently organizes bonding sessions after committee meetings through either dinner, karaoke, or pub outings (sometimes all three together). Sometimes we have bonding sessions just for the heck of it. But don’t worry, Unimates is in good hands!

Come say hi to us at Coffee and Cakes or any of our weekend events.

More photos to come soon!


Semester 1, 2012 Committee

President: Zareth Lim

External Vice-President: Yun Liu

Internal Vice-President: Thetmon Soe

Honorary Vice-President: George Hwang

Treasurer: Joyce Zhao

Secretary: Ashley Choi

Event Leaders: Vanessa Chin, Jared See, Nikki Plunkett, Andrew Song

Publicity Officer: YoungTae Kim

Public Relations Officer: Germaine Sng

Major Events: Jason Hew, Ruiyi Woo, Dave Ho

Coffee and Cakes officer: Andrew Jung, Joshua Yu

General Committee: Danny Wang, Tip Green, Hermes Lam, Kristy Song, Linda Meijer, Kevin Nguyen, Rachel Wong, John De Guzman, Al-Karim


Semester 2, 2011 Committee

President: Decson Xiang

Vice-Presidents: Zareth Lim, George Hwang

Treasurer: Joyce Zhao

Secretary: Thetmon Soe

Events Coordinator: Jane Wu

Event Leaders: Ashley Choi, Vanessa Chin, Jared See, Germaine Sng, Keisuke Goto

Publicity Officer: Youngtae Kim

Major Events: Ben Yan, Dave Ho

Coffee and Cakes Officers: Una Hu, Jiayi Wang

General Committee: Danny Wang, Jin-Yi Lau, Erika Yong, Ran Lee, Aaron Ung, Jodhi Gan, Samantha Casterallin


If you’re interested in helping out or joining the committee, just send us an email or talk to us at our events or coffee and cakes – we’d be happy to have you on board!

Note: While the executives and committee members in most societies at University of Sydney hold their positions for the calender year, Unimates executives and committee members hold their positions from May to the following May.


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