The Game of Votes is over. Unimates AGM 2012 Result

So the Game of Votes is over, and once again, Unimates have elected the 2012/2013 Committee who will be taking over at the end of Semester 1, 2012 (08/06/2012). 


The results:

President: Patrick Ward

External Vice-President: Tom Dominic De Guzman

Internal Vice-President: Andrew Song

Treasurer: Andrew (Andy) Jung

Secretary: Yasutoshi (Yasu) Park

Public Relations Director: Esther Li

Marketing Directors: Rachel Wong and Sarah Ruchikhachorn

IT Officer: Kevin Nguyen

Event Coordinators: Adam Nguyen and Cecilia Hidajat

Major Event Organizers: Al-Karim Madhavji


If you’re still interested in joining, don’t hesitate to let us know. The available positions are:

Welfare Officers (1 male and 1 female)

1 Cumberland Representative

1 International House Representative

2 Event Coordinators

2 Coffee and Cakes Coordinators

2 Major Events Organizers


Congratulations to the new Committee! And a round of applause for the nominees who did not win any positions but gave their very best. It was definitely one of the most intense AGM I ever had, especially for the President role.

I look forward to meeting all the new committee during the official handover meeting. 

Good luck to the next Committee!


Zareth Lim

President of Unimates

For Fun, For Friendship, Forever



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