Unimates Newsletter Week 10

Thank you to everyone who showed up for our events, Blue Mountains and Coffee & Cakes , and hope you had fun and made heaps of friends ! 🙂
This week we’re organising events–  Sydney Opera House Essential Tour and  we’re inviting you to Unimates AGM 2012 (on Mon 14th May week 10) 

[On Sat 12th May 2012, Blue Mountains, Photo by Andrew Guanyi]

*Unimates AGM (Tomorrow, on Mon 14th May )

 Come and vote in the new Committee and vote on changes to the Constitution!

 * FREE Food and drinks will be provided at the AGM. * RSVP Here (So we know how much food to order)


* Date: 14th May 2012 (Monday, Week 10)

* Time: 5:00pm to 9:00pm

* Location: Carslaw Lecture Room 452

* Dress Code for Nominees: Smart Casual


It’s time for Unimates Committee 2011/2012 to step down. Are you ready to be part of Unimates Committee 2012/2013?


We are now accepting nominations for the following positions. For in-depth information of what is expected from each position, please take a look at the new Constitution (Click Here).

*Note: Only Unimates members with a valid ACCESS Card can vote on Constitutional changes.

*If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact our President, Zareth Lim, at zareth.z.lim@gmail.com.


The positions, with the approval of the above constitutional changes, are:

1. President – The Person on the Iron Throne. Oversees all functions and operations of the society and responsible for overall direction of the society.

2. External Vice-President – The Right Hand. Responsible for implementing branding, marketing and sponsorship goals. Oversees the Publicity Team.

3. Internal Vice-President – The Left Hand. Responsible for Society’s events and activities. Oversees the Event Managements Team.

4. Treasurer – Master of Coin. Responsible for society’s finance and make sure we don’t go bankrupt.

5. Secretary – Master of Records. Responsible for society’s administrative issues and maintenance of society’s records and documents. Organized, and moderate typing speed.

6. Public Relations Director – The Headhunter who seeks prospective sponsors and partners for the society, so that members can get discounts/goodies and the society can get more funding.

7. TWO Marketing Directors – Masters of Whisperers. Responsible for creating a cohesive branding to market the Society and its activities to the wider University and local community. Responsible for weekly newsletter. Must be social media addicts. Good with Photoshop and photography a bonus.

8. IT Officer – Quite straightforward. Responsible for the Society’s website and the electronic membership database and any IT-related functions.

9. TWO Student Welfare Officers – The Maesters. 2 students who are responsible for society members’ welfare and work closely with student support services and organizations (e.g. SRC, SUPRA). Also have to create the Sydney Survival Guide and the Society’s Evaluation Form each semester. 1 Male and 1 Female for these positions.

10. Cumberland Rep – Represent and promote Unimates at Cumberland Campus and help facilitate any inter-campus joint events.

11. International House Rep – Represent and promote Unimates at International House and help facilitate networks and joint events between IHMA (International House Members Association) and Unimates.

12. FOUR Event Coordinators – The backbone of the Society. Each Event Coordinator must organize at least 3 week events each Semester. Must be organized and reliable.

13. TWO Coffee and Cakes Coordinators – Feed the stressed, the tired, and the hungry at each C&C session during the week. Baking and cooking skills a bonus. Great for creative and responsible people who can create an awesome atmosphere. Current President and Treasurer were Coffee and Cakes Coordinators previously.

14. THREE Major Event Coordinators – Responsible for organizing awesome mid-semester break trips. Must be organized, reliable and calm and patient (last two very important).

If you love meeting people from all over the world and you are keen on making Unimates the best, and most vibrant and multicultural society, and want International students to have better representation in Univeristy of Sydney, feel free to become part of the team! We welcome you with open arms.

To those who are interested in joining the new Committee, please send in a brief ‘Nomination Statement’ to usyd.unimates@gmail.com with the following details:

· Name

· Intended position(s)

· Reason for running/ any relevant experience

Closing date for email nominations: 14th May 2012, 5pm.

Nominations are still open during the AGM.
Please note:

1) Only Society members with valid ACCESS Cards are eligible to run and vote in election
2) An individual can nominate him/herself for more than one position (ie: if he/she is unsuccessful in securing election to a postition, they may nominate for subsequently elected positions of the executive).
3) Each member will be entitled to one vote per ballot.
4) All those attending should bring their ACCESS Cards.

Even if you cannot attend on the night you can stand by proxy (in this case, send us a brief 1 minute speech which will be read out from the chair). However, we will NOT be accepting proxy votes. In order to vote for a preferred candidate, you must attend the AGM.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at usyd.unimates@gmail.com

Week 10 : Sydney Opera House Essential Tour (19th May, Saturday)
Majestic, breathtaking, legendary….These are but a few words to describe the Sydney Opera House. Arguably, thisdazzling piece of architecture is to Sydney what the Taj Mahal is to India, andwhat the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. If you haven’t had a chance to explore theSydney Opera House, you’re in for a real treat!

Join Unimates as we embark on a guidedtour to unravel the secrets behind the history of the Sydney Opera House. Immerseyourselves in the theatrical and artistic atmosphere that the Opera House is sofondly remembered for. See with your own eyes how the vision of the legendaryarchitect – Jorn Utzon came to life.

If you haven’t discovered thebuilding that reigned as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, well… you haven’t reallydiscovered Sydney at all.

[ The sails by the harbour Photo by George She ]

*Date: 19thMay

*Time: Meet at theOpera House at 3.20PM

*Ticket Price: $21(Access Card) & $25 (Non-Access Card)


*Note: Theessential tour will last for approximately 1 hour. But believe me, it is worthyour every penny.

*Payment times:

MONDAY: 4PM to 5PM(Jared See, 0422680486) at the Unimates Office

TUESDAY: 11am – 12 pm at the unimates office

WEDNESDAY: 10PM to12PM (Vanessa Chin, 0433186060) at the Unimates Office

THURSDAY: 1PM to3PM (Jared See, 0422680486) at the Unimates Office


NO Coffee & Cakes for this week !!

Instead come and join Unimates AGM tomorrow  * FREE Food and drinks will be provided at the AGM.

* RSVPHere (So we know how much food to order)

* Date: 14th May 2012 (Monday, Week 10)

* Time: 5:00pm to 9:00pm

* Location: Carslaw Lecture Room 452

* Dress Code for Nominees: Smart Casual


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