Week 6: Aboriginal Cultural Tour

Hope you all had a great midterm break and recharge yourself for getting ready to be back to uni life – heaps of essays and reports ! Thank you to those who joined our adelaide trip, hope you had wonderful time and made one of the memorable trips with awesome unimates’ members. Also, thank you to everyone who showed up for our events, kayaking, and the special Coffee & Cakes, and hope you had fun and made heaps of friends ! 🙂



This week we’re organising events– Muru Mittigar Aboriginal Cultural Experience and Coffee & Cakes !

* the prize winners at the special C&C in week 5 *

1. Al-Karim Madhavji
2. Nikki Plunkett
3. Thibaut Darde
4. Sandy Hung

Congratulations !!!!! Our Coffee & Cake officer, Andy will contact you individually and give the prize ! 🙂


WEEK 6 : Muru Mittigar Aboriginal Cultural Experience



The mid-semester break is drawing to a close which means Unimates will be back next week with another weekend event.
Experience the Aboriginal culture with the award-winning tour at Muru Mittigar Aboriginal Cultural and Education Centre. Muru Mittigar, which in the Aboriginal Darug language means “Pathway to Friends” provides the key ingredients to learn more about the traditional inhabitants of this great land. The tour includes a cultural talk and also activities for you to participate in, learn how to throw a boomerang. There will also be a Bush Tucker walk where you will be introduced to plants, fruits and other items found in the bush which Aboriginal people traditionally used as food and medicine.



Check out the Muru Mittigar website for more information:
* Time: 9:00 am to 3:30 pm
* Venue: Muru Mittigar Aboriginal Cultural and Education Centre
* Cost: Access: $38 / Non-Access: $42*
** NOTE: There is extra cost for catering at Muru Mittigar. When making payment please let us know which of the options below you would like. Otherwise you may bring your own lunch with you on the day.

Morning Tea
Biscuits, Damper, mini Cupcakes
Tea/Coffee/Juice                      $7.00
Light Lunch

  • Ham & Salad     $7.50
  • Barramundi        $7.50
  • Vegetarian         $8.50

Sandwich/Mini Wrap Platters   (serves 10 people)                   $65.00

BBQ Lunch
Minute Steak, Sausage, Green Salad, Bread Rolls, Butter Portion, Juices
Packed Lunches
Small Roll, Mini Wrap, portion of Fruit and Mini Cupcake
Bush Tucker Tasting
Bite size emu sausage and kangaroo steak.                        $9.00


* Payment times:
Monday 16th April, 10am – 12pm at Unimates office, Level 4, Wentworth Building (map).
Tuesday 17th April, 11:30am – 1pm at Coffee and Cakes (map).
Wednesday 18th April, 10am – 5 pm at Unimates office, Level 4, Wentworth Building (map).

Thursday 19th April, 11am – 5 pm at Unimates office, Level 4, Wentworth Building (map).

Contact: Kevin (0401502345) or Linda (0424067171).


Coffee & Cake (Tuesday 11:30 am – 1:00 pm)

Coffee and Cake this semester will be held at 11:30am- 1:00pm on Tuesday on the lawn across Butlin Avenue from the MerewetherBuilding, between Biochemistry and Wentworth Buildings. However, if it rains we will be under the Biochemistry footbridge. The two places are right next to each other so it shouldn’t be difficult to find us on the day!

So come and enjoy some yummy cakes and snacks with us or get your daily fill of coffee or tea between classes, while you meet up with new and old friends from Unimates.

From this semster, cakes and teas are sponsored by Yuga Cafe.


*When? Tuesday 11:30 am – 1:00pm
*Where? Biochemistry lawn (small grass areabetween Biochemistry and Wentworth buildings, across Butlin Ave from Merewether).Click herefor the map.

*Cost? Free! 🙂

That’s it for this week!! Hope you all have great week, and looking forward to seeing you at one of our events!


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