[Unimates] Newsletter Week 5

Hello Unimates,

Thank you to everyone who showed up for our events, Greyhound racing, Cruise party, and Coffee & Cakes, and hope you had fun and made heaps of friends ! 🙂
This week we’re organising events–  Harbour kayaking and Special Easter Coffee & Cakes

WEEK 5 : Harbour kayaking

Feeling so tired with quiz and assignments? Notice that summer is leaving and still wants to enjoy the last minute of it? Feel like spending two hours on Saturday wandering through one of the most magnificent harbours in the world?

Now you have a great opportunity to join our Harbour Kayaking Event! Kayaking is not only cardio exercise, but also a fantastic way to enjoy amazing harbour view including beaches and bays at famous Mosman area!

No past experience required, and it suits for all fitness level, beginners are welcome. Life jackets (PFD) being provided at all times, and the Sydney Harbour Kayaks may provide basic coach for beginners. Single and double kayaks will be available; however we apologize if you do not get your first preference.

So what are you waiting for?

* Date: Saturday 7th April
* Time: 2-hour paddle from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
* Cost:  Access: $32 / Non-Access: $37

* Payment times:
1.  Monday 2 April 10am –12 pm at  Unimates office, Level 4, Wentworth Building.(Andrew: 0449 978 044)
2.  Tuesday 3 April 11:30am – 1pm at  Unimates office, Level 4, Wentworth Building.(Andrew: 0449 978 044)
3.  Wednesday 12pm-2pm at  Unimates office, Level 4, Wentworth Building.(Nikki: 0426 290846)

Bus fare (not included in the price) from Wynyard Station to Spit Bridge: around $4.30 (Adult) / $2.10 (Concession) one way.

**Bring: Comfortable clothes, sunscreen, water and a towel.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Andrew (0449 978 044) and Nikki(0426 290 846).

 Special Easter Coffee & Cake
(Tuesday from 2pm @ Yuga Cafe

Coffee and Cakes  will NOT be at the same time and place this week.
Instead, to celebrate Easter this week, we’ll be having an exciting Easter party in a beautiful venue with wonderful coffee and tea!!!

We will not be gathering at our usual venue, but will be holding a special C&C at our friendly sponsor ‘Yuga Café & Gallery’.
Impressed by the cakes at C&C? The very chef who has been making cakes for us will prepare a lot more this Easter!
You can expect delicious hand-made cakes and cookies.
What’s more, Yuga is giving all of you special discounts on the day!
If that’s not enough to tempt you to join us, you might even win prizes in the very special lucky draws we’ll be having at the party!

**Special discounts on drinks: $2 for barista-made coffee and fragrant tea-pots! Up to 20% discounts on other beverages such as juices, and smoothies! Discounts are only applicable during special easter C&C. So don’t miss out!!!

Don’t miss out on this fun and sweet event! Special C&C will be held at 2pm at Yuga Café. (It’s not at our usual place and time ONLY for this week! )

*When : 3rd April Tuesday at 2p.m.- 3:30p.m. at Yuga Café
We’ll meet at Footbridge at 2p.m. (near Footbridge theatre)
For people who might be late, you can contact Andy(0452622785) or Germaine (0406273033).

*Where – click here for map
Yuga Café & Gallery
172 St. Johns Road, Glebe

SUAMS’ Traffic Light Party


Traffic Light Party, the biggest party of the semester before Easter Break!
*When : on Thursday, 5th April ( Friday is public holiday ! )
*Where : Baristol Arms Retro Hotel
*Get ur ticket ($15) at Wentworth Building’s food court, in front of the convenience store (Snack Express),
Monday 11am to 2pm
Tuesday 10am to 4pm
Wednesday 10am to 3pm

That’s it for this week!! Hope you all have great week, and looking forward to seeing you at one of our events!


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