President’s Welcome and Message


10 Feb 2012

Welcome to Unimates 2012! For new or prospective members, please take your time to explore our website/blog. All the links are at the top of the page. For our returning members, welcome back to Sydney! We hope you had a great summer break and are ready to face the challenges of Lord Assignments and Death Exams (sorry, private joke).

Semester 1, 2012 will be an exciting semester (and an exciting year in general) for Unimates. This semester, we have a major, major party planned out with five other societies. The good news about this major party? It will be held in Week 4 of Semester 1. That means you’ll get a chance to party hard before Lord Assignments rears its ugly head. The bad news? There’s no bad news! Unless you consider the theme of the party… but I can’t say too much now lest I’ll spoil the excitement. So keep an eye on the website.

Besides that major party, we have our wide range of weekly events, from City Tour (a must for first timers in Sydney) to Hunter Valley Trip (a must of oenophile/wine lovers) to a trip to Adelaide during the semester break. Besides our weekly social events, we’ll have our beloved Coffee and Cakes sessions every Tuesdays from 11:30am to 1pm. It’s free and there’ll be lots of new people to meet! Our list of events for Semester 1, 2012 will be up in a couple of days. So keep your eyes peeled on the right hand bar of the website.

But what’s the use of having a jam-packed social calender if you can’t share your activities and whereabouts with your friends? This year, Unimates has decided to go online into your iPhones. Is it Facebook? Nope, we already have that. Is it foursquare? Nope. We don’t have that. Instead, we have partnered with GOLOOK Australia and this will enable you to download our electronic membership cards onto your iPhones.

Yep, mobile electronic membership card on your iPhone. No more carrying pesky cards.

For those without iPhones, don’t worry, we’ll still print out paper-based membership cards. Yours truly has no iPhone too.

Back to the electronic membership cards. Once you download the Unimates electronic card, you will be able to:

  1. Prevent your cheapskate friend(s) from borrowing your card. It’s in your phone after all.
  2. Get updates and notifications from us on your iPhone. We won’t spam you, promise. We would be spamming ourselves anyway.
  3. Get location updates. Very useful if you’re lost and trying to find us.
  4. Receive redeemable vouchers from sponsors. We’re currently working on getting sponsors. Once we do, we’ll update you guys! (We like freebies and discounts too. We’re students after all).

These are the few advantages for having an e-membership card. Check out GOLOOK Australia website for more information.

This semester and this year will be a very busy one for Unimates. As a society run by students for students, with one of the largest and most diverse group of members at the University of Sydney, the Executives and committee are putting in huge effort, hard work and dedication to provide the most awesome social events for Unimates members (and committee).

So to all our future and returning members, I hope to see you at our O-Week stall from 29th Feb to 2nd March. We will also have our Welcome BBQ on the 2nd March! If I don’t see you at O-Week, then I’ll see you at one of our many events.

For Fun, For Friendship, Forever,

Zareth Lim

President for Unimates.


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