IMPORTANT UPDATES: Unimates General Meeting tomorrow

I’d like to apologize for the mistake in Saturday’s newsletter. We are supposed to count quorum during the meeting, as advised by the Club and Societies Office and therefore we will still be having our General Meeting tomorrow, same place and time.

We’re looking for enthusiastic, responsible and committed people (that’s you!) to be part of the new Unimates committee. If you are interested in being a committee member, or know somebody who would be good, please fill in the FORM. Eligible candidates must be Access Card holders. Candidates are advised to read the Duties of the Executives before applying! The constitution can be accessed HERE!

So do come for the General meeting if you believe that Unimates makes a worthwhile contribution to students and the international student body in USYD. If you are keen on having a say on how Unimates will be run next semester or interested in getting more involved with one of the largest and most active societies in USYD, then come along to our General Meeting tomorrow.

We will be electing new committee members to help run Unimates in 2012 Sem 1 and we will also be making amendments to our Constitution.

When? 11 October Tuesday 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Where? Holme Building Common Room

The agenda for the General Meeting:

            1.         Opening and Welcome

            2.         Apologies and Leaves of Absence

            3.         Minutes of the previous meeting

            4.         Business arising from the minutes

            5.         Motions on notice

            6.         Amendments to Constitution

                                                       I.            Changes to the duties and responsibilities of the Executives and General Executives.

                                                    II.            Addition of two VPs (External Vice-President and Internal Vice-President).

                                                 III.            Addition of Public Relations Officer.

                                                 IV.            Limiting the number of General Executives to 5-10 people.

            7.       Election of new Executives

                                                 I.            President

                                              II.            2 Vice-Presidents

                                           III.            Public Relations Officer

                                           IV.            2 Major Event Leaders

                                              V.            Event Leader

                                           VI.            2 Coffee & Cakes Officers

             8.       Date of the next meeting

             9.       Close of meeting

FREE PIZZA will be provided at the Meeting.

Please RSVP for this event HERE, so that we know how many people to expect, and contact you if there are any changes to the event.


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