Intersociety Sports Carnival (Ultimate Frisbee & Indoor Soccer)

With mid-sem exams and assignments & long hours of studying in the library, we know you need it!!!

Five Societies!! Two Sports!! One Champion!!

Unimates, Sydney University Association of Malaysian Students (SUAMS), Vietnamese Student Association (VSA), GermanSoc and Singaporean Students Society (SSS) present:


– Ultimates Frisbee
– Indoor Soccer

Ultimate Frisbee:
has the flying disc come to your mind yet? Yes, it is that game .. non-contact team sport .. passing the disc to a player in the opposite end zone to score points!

Date: 10th September Saturday, 1 pm
Venue: Victoria Park
Category: Mix
Cost: FREE! πŸ™‚

Indoor Soccer:
screw the weather .. you can’t stop us from playing soccer! We’re having it indoors!!

Date: 11th September Sunday, 1 pm – 4 pm
Venue: Sydney Uni Sports & Aquatic Centre (SUSAC)
Category: Mix
Cost: FREE! πŸ™‚

If you want to show off your soccer or frisbee skill or even if you want to just have a fun weekend, come and play for Unimates and win prizes!! Places are limited! Fill in the form to join the fun!!

Contact YoungTae on 0437401510 for any questions you may have!


One thought on “Intersociety Sports Carnival (Ultimate Frisbee & Indoor Soccer)

Add yours

  1. In addition

    due to time constraint, only one team per each sport will be alowed per club

    but there is no limit for the subsitutions

    therefore, if you wanna give it a go,

    then yeah, why not.

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