Week 4 Event – Australian Football League

Hey guys, thanks to everyone who showed up for our Blue Mountains Day Trip and our Coffee & Cakes. We really enjoyed getting to know some of our new members and hope you all found it enjoyable!

It’s already week 4 and exams and essay deadlines are coming up just around the corner. If you need some time away to relax and de-stress from all your uni assignments, Unimates are here to provide some great events to keep your mind off your troubles.

This week we’re organising an event – Australian Football League! The home team, Sydney Swans, is playing against the Melbourne team, St Kilda on Sunday. AFL is fun to watch, easy to follow and definitely not an event to miss!

We’re also holding our traditional weekly event Coffee & Cakes, so don’t miss out on some yummy snacks and drinks and a chance to have a chat with your Unimates friends this Wednesday.

As you all know, we’ll be going to Gold Coast for the mid-semester break. As to book tickets, we will be collecting the initial payment at this week C&C as well.

More info further down.



Week 4 Event – Australian Football League: Sydney Swans Vs St Kilda

Our weekend event for week 4 is an outing to Sydney Olympic Park to watch AFL. The home team, Sydney Swans, is playing against the Melbourne team (last season’s grand finalist), St Kilda on 21st August (Sunday). AFL is fun to watch and easy to follow even if you don’t know much about the sport! We reserve the BEST SEATS FOR YOU ALL!! DO NOT hesitate! Since we only have limited number of tickets, pay at the payment times to secure your place in the event.

As many of you may or may not know, the AFL is the major professional competition in the sport of Australian Rules football. It currently consists of 24 home and away rounds, followed by the finals series and the season concludes with the AFL Grand Final at which the winning team receives the premiership cup. The AFL is the most attended sporting league in Australia and one of the two most watched sports in Australia. It is also currently the third-most attended professional sports league in the world in terms of attendance per match, with an average attendance of 38,417. Nothing sounds more fascinating than this, doesn’t it?

What’s even more amazing is that the ticket price INCLUDES PUBLIC TRANSPORT!! WOO HOO!! =)

Don’t know much about AFL? Send us an email and we email you a short guide to AFL.

What? Sydney Swans VS St Kilda

When? Sunday, 21st August 2011, 1:10 pm

Where? ANZ Stadium, Olympic Park

How much? Access: $21

Non-Access: $25

(Transportation cost included!!) 

Payment Times
1.      Monday 15th August 10:30 am – 12:30 pm : Unimates Office, ISL (Contact Thea: 0430877320)
2.      Tuesday 16th August 11:00 am – 1:00 pm: Unimates Office, ISL (Contact Veronica: 0 425656500
3.  Wednesday 17th August 11:30 am – 1:00 pm: Usual Coffee & Cakes Place

Don’t know where Unimates Office is? Find out HERE!

**Note** Tickets will be allocated on a first paid –first serve basis, so the earlier to pay the greater chance of getting a place for the event. A confirmation email with all necessary details will be sent out to those who successfully pay.



Gold Coast Trip

It is official; we’re going to the Gold Coast! Mark it down on your calendars: from the 26th of September to the 28th, we’ll be bathing ourselves in sun, surf and an all-round glorious time.

Originally our plan had been to spend all three days at some world class theme parks, but some members have suggested that we provide a more varied alternative itinerary. Therefore, we have conjured up a second, concurrent itinerary for those of you who would like to see what else the Gold Coast has to offer.

Itinerary ONE:

Spend three days at three of Australia’s best theme parks which will get you to visit roller coasters, seal and dolphin shows and monstrous water slides that wind and dip and stretch into eternity. Your VIP ticket actually lasts a lot longer than 3 days…well into 2012, so if you really love it, you can go back there next time, free of charge!

Sea World: Dolphins fighting polar bears. Penguins fighting seals. Sharks fighting alligators! A day of nature at its fiercest!* (Animals may not be fighting each other, or in the same enclosure)

Warner Brothers Movie World:

Like roller coasters? Like Batman? Like Bugs Bunny? Like sitting on a roller coaster alongside Batman and Bugs Bunny? This is your theme park!

Wet n’ Wild: MONSTROUS water-slides that dip, curve, stretch up to the heavens and plunge down into cool, dark waters.

Itinerary TWO:

The alternative itinerary is more structured and lets you see a little bit of Queensland, outside of the theme parks. Learn to surf on Surfer’s Paradise’s golden sands. Spend an evening playing with koalas, kangaroos and crocodiles and experience a taste of Aboriginal culture with buffet. And also, a day trip to Brisbane!!

·        Note that if you want to, you can still go to Brisbane with the Brisbane people on day two of your trip.

The price will be around $400 and we will be collecting deposits of $200 this Wednesday!!

Payment Times

1. Wednesday 17th August, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm: Usual Coffee and Cakes Location



That’s it for this week!! Hope you all have great week, and looking forward to seeing you at one of our events!




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