Week 2 Event – The Fantastic Challenge

For Week 2, we will be having a race across the University of Sydney’s Camperdown and Darlington campus.

Established in 1850 (source) and sprawling across the suburbs of Camperdown and Darlington, the University hides its quirky and unconventional history in many secret and not-so-secret locations.

Against this backdrop of rich history, you will be grouped into a team of five* before setting out for the final destination.

Along the way, you will face eight challenges that will test your brainpower, teamwork skills and your knowledge of USYD’s history and buildings.

Failure to complete the challenges as fast as possible will threaten to delay your team’s arrival at the final location.

The first three teams to reach the final destination will get to take home some fabulous prizes.

Get ready for a quest across USYD’s main campus!!!


Time: Saturday 6th August, 11am

Cost: Free!

Venue: Starting point will be outside Fisher Library in the Camperdown campus.

Things to bring: Camera (most important!), pen and paper, and your wits, sense of direction and leg power.


*We will arrange everyone into different teams on the day itself.


Please click on this link to RSVP so we’ll know how many people to expect.


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