Unimates Weekend event -Week 1: City Tour

First up on the events calendar is the City Tour. The City Tour is traditionally our first event of the semester, during which we would show you around all of Sydney’s most iconic places. That’s always been a lot of fun, but this semester we’ve decided to make it a bit different. We are putting The Rocks Aroma Festival in as part of our City Tour. You will get to experience the world of coffee in just a day with divine taste sensations!!


We are going to divide you into small groups and make YOU to lead the committee members to the destinations. There will be riddles and questions that will guide you to the following destination.


Don’t be afraid or hesitate. Our committee members are kind and generous; we will give you hints if you cannot figure things out!!


Sounds fun? Come along and join us for the Unimates City Tour!! You’ll get to see all of the city’s best and most beautiful sights, solve some interesting puzzles, get to know great people and don’t forget the Coffee Festival.


Meeting time: 31st July, Sunday 11 am

Meeting place: Main Quadrangle Building (The front gate)

Cost: Free!


Please RSVP for this event here, so that we know how many people to expect, and contact you if there are any changes to the event.


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