Week 8 – Sydney Opera House

This week, Unimates will take you to see a show at Sydney Opera House. If you haven’t already been, this is an excellent opportunity to see a show inside the famous opera house, a must for all residents and visitors of Sydney.
The show is a stand-up comedy act with comedian Josh Thomas, called ‘Surprise!’ If you haven’t heard of him, we’ve included some information below:

Australia got to know Josh Thomas in 2009 as the Gen Y team captain on the Network Ten’s megahit Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation. We all felt we got to know him a little bit better when we watched him fall victim to an uncooperative meringue on episode one of Celebrity MasterChef. We saw him shine on Good News Week and take on whatever assignment The 7PM Project set for him.

But there was something else that everyone else seemed to know about Josh that Josh didn’t know about Josh… that was until he got a boyfriend, and Josh seems to be the only one who’s surprised.

Since winning Best Newcomer at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2007, Josh has toured festivals around Australia including the Adelaide Fringe and Sydney Comedy Festival’s as well as curating the Brisbane Comedy Festival – and he’s only 23!

His live shows also quickly caught the attention of the international comedy world, leading to performances at a series of invite only festivals including Smithwicks Cat Laughs Comedy Festival in Kilkenny, Ireland, the Geel Comedy Festival in Belgium and Just for Laughs in Montreal.

2010 is proving to be an even bigger year for Josh. His stand-up show Surprise is an honest and personal look at his first serious relationship and was nominated for a Barry Award for Most Outstanding Show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

“Compelling honest, relentlessly entertaining hour” The Age 2010
“One of the hottest comedians around” Daily Telegraph
“Thomas’ timing is impeccable and his talent is obvious” Beat

When?  Saturday 18th September 8:15pm-9:15pm
Where? Sydney Opera House, meeting time and place will be announced later.
Cost?     Access Card: $31
                Non-Access: $35

How?  Please RSVP here as soon as possible, and then come to one of the payment times below to secure your place!
Payment Time
Tuesday 11.30 am to 1 pm: During Coffee and Cakes (Location: Biochemistry Building Lawn, corner of Butlin Ave and Maze Crescent)
**Note: Places are limited, and tickets will be allocated on a first paid, first serve basis, so make sure to make your payment ASAP in order to secure your ticket!!


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