Week 6 Event – Sydney Observatory

Are you interested in being an astronomer? Want to know more about how the solar system works? Interested in a relaxing star-watching after a busy school week? Or simply want to broaden your horizon with Sydney’s latest technology in observatory?
Here is your perfect opportunity to do all these! We are holding a short trip to Sydney Observatory in the Rocks on Friday night (3/9/2010). Here you can have a flight through the solar system in a 3D theatre, have a chance to use their telescope to view the night, and what’s more, you can make new friends!
There is an experienced astronomy tour guide to lead us through the whole 1.5 hrs trip inside the observatory.
We are sure that you will have a wonderful night there!!

When? Friday night 3rd of September 5.15pm
Where? Meet 5.15pm at Redfern Station (If you cannot meet us at redfern station, please come to Sydney’s Observatory building at 6pm)

$8 (access)
$12 (non-access)

How? Please RSVP here, and then come to one of the payment times set out below to secure your place.

Payment times:
Tuesday 11am – 1.30pm: International Student Lounge, level 4 Wentworth Building
Thursday 3 – 5pm: During Maid Café, Holme Building Reading Room

*Please bring your student ID card along when going to the observatory. Thanks! *


Maid Café

Getting tired of the weekly “Coffee & Cakes” event? Want to try something new? The maid cafe event will be held in week 6!
So what is maid cafe?
Maid cafe is similar to our weekly “Coffee & Cakes” event in a sense that every attendant will be provided with food and drinks such as cakes, desserts, hot chocolate, tea and fruit juice, but it is somewhat different since you can have a chance to play a whole range of existing games which are governed by our committee members who dress as maids or butlers

By winning the games, you may have a chance to win the prize: A Maid Costume!
When? Thursday 2nd September 2010 from 3: 00 pm to 5: 00 pm.
Where? Holme building, reading room.
Cost? FREE for access holders / $ 4 dollars for non-access
How? Please RSVP here to this event, so that we can estimate how much food & drinks to get! (There’s no need to pay in advance, just when you show up for the event!)


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