Week 3 Event – Darling Harbour Fun (Saturday 14th August)

Thanks to those of you who came along to Hunter Valley yesterday. I hope everybody had a good time wine-tasting and made a lot of new friends!
Due to the limited places for our Hunter Valley event, a lot of you didn’t get a chance to come with us. This is why we are considering holding a Second Hunter Valley Event later on in the semester (we were thinking week 5). If you would like to join this event, please express your interest by entering your details here. We will announce later on whether it is possible to organise it.


Darling Harbour Fun

This weekend, Unimates is going to the IMAX theatre at Darling Harbour!  We will be seeing a documentary film but we won’t know which film until the theatre updates their session times on Monday for the following weekend.  We will let you know session times as soon as we find out.  The possible documentaries include

“Australia: Land Beyond Time”, “Bugs 3D”, “Egypt 3D: Secret of the Mummies”, “Shackletons Antartic Adventure”, and “Under the Sea 3D”

The student ticket prices are $17

After the show, the group is off to the famous Powerhouse Museum, which just is a short walk from IMAX.  This is a hands-on fun science museum which is more “edu-tainment” (educational entertainment) and is definitely not a regular museum.  Powerhouse is a lot of fun and our group discount means the entrance fee is only $6 a person.  So come along to our “Darling Harbour Fun” Day.  Hope to see you there!
 When? Saturday 14th of August (a specific time will be set as soon as we know the IMAX times)
Cost?  $24 per person
How?  Please RSVP here so we know how many people to expect. This event does not have limited places so everyone can join!


Do you have an ACCESS Card?
If you have an ACCESS card for this semester, please give us your details here.
We receive funding from the USU for each access card member, and the more funding we get, the cheaper we can make our events, which benefits everyone!:-)
So please take a moment of your time to fill out the form above. Thanks!


 Week 3 Coffee & Cakes – Winter Soup!


Since the weather is pretty cold at the moment, we want to warm everyone up by serving a yummy winter soup this week. If it is possible, we ask you to bring your own cup and spoon for this (to spare the environment a bit!). We will of course also be serving you the usual coffee, tea and cakes, cakes, cakes!
If the weather is rainy or windy, like last week, C&C will still be happening! Our wet-weather spot is nearby, just around the corner of the Biochemistry building from our usual spot, near Gadigal Green (the grass place with weird chairs).
Hope to see you there!

When? Tuesday 11.30am – 1pm
Where? Lawn between Wentworth and Biochemistry buildings
Cost? Free!!


Tuesday Trivia Night

Do you know about current world events or read celebrity magazines or simply just want to hang around in a pub and play fun games?  Join Team Unimates as they battle other teams in Sydney in a competitive game of trivia where fantastic prizes such as bottle of wines, jug of beers & cash vouchers are at stake.  To join, simply show up at this event and look for people with the Unimates T-shirt.  You won’t miss it.

When? Tuesday, 7:30 PM
Where? Rose Hotel.  Cleveland Street cr Shepherd Street.  2 minute walk from University of Sydney & Seymour theatre.
Cost? Absolutely Free!


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