we have T-shirts!/Tips – Sydney in Winter

i’m so excited about T-shirts!!! =P we also have Twitter! Anyway, here are some awesome Sydney tips, with a few things you may not have heard of:

The weather may be getting cold, but Sydney is not going to let you feel content with just home + movie + ice cream. Here are some of the fun things coming up over the next little while, and most of them are free:

Darling Harbour Jazz and Blues festival
This is Sydney’s largest free music festival, and runs Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th May. Grab a picnic blanket, some drinks and nibbles and enjoy:


The Biennale has started!
This is Sydney’s international arts event, and as the name says, only happens every two years…so we are in luck, and we are luckier because most of it is absolutely free. Even if you just hop on the free ferry between Circular Quay, Watson’s Bay and Cockatoo Island for one of Sydney’s most scenic boat rides, there is definitely something worth doing from the selection of events and exhibitions which run between now and August:


Da Vinci Secrets
Something else running between now and August is the Da Vinci exhibition in Sydney Town Hall. It’s certainly intriguing with enough to tickle anyone’s fancy (physics, art history, anatomy…), and may be hard to resist indeed:


Art Gallery of NSW
Truth be told, we can not compete with bigger countries when it comes to art galleries. But this one does have a ridiculously good view of the water from its restaurant (which you can enjoy, quite cheaply, if you book to have breakfast (not lunch!)), and the Art Gallery is also remarkable because it’s free! Free free free. It even has free movie screenings twice a week:


Special exhibits at the moment (which require a small entrance fee) include the Archibald Prize for portraiture, one of Australia’s most pretigious art awards.

Sydney’s no London, but when at a loss for something to do don’t forget about the Australian Museum for natural history, the Museum of Contemporary Art for local and international exhibitis, or the Powerhouse Museum for science and design. There’re pretty cool, and are all located in the city.



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