Election Results and Week 10 Event – Luna Park

1. Unimates Election Results

Forget the UK elections, the Unimates 2010 Sem 2 committee elections were far more exciting! We have a new committee to take us forward into the next semester, so look forward to new ideas and energy from them!

President: Neill Li

Vice President: Danny Wang

Secretary: Elin Lagerkvist

Treasurer: Louisa Luo

Events Coordinator: Aaron Ung

Events Leaders: David Ho, Noah Sutherland, Kanako Sato, Zheng Yin, Danny Kim

Major Events: Ben Yan, Olivia AuYeung, Raisa Premiera, Yun Liu

Coffee and Cakes: Pat Prateepavanich, Lana Zhang

Design: Danielle Yu

Publicity: Theresa Zhang
We also have a number of General Committee: Joyce, Misato, Harry, Zareth, Decson, Daniel, Fan, Amy and Bei!
**Congratulations to everyone and thanks for all that came to the meeting.

2. Week 10 Event Luna Park

Been to any good amusement parks lately?  Orlando’s got Disney World.  Costa Rica’s got Jurassic Park.  Well, Sydney’s got Luna Park!  Join Unimates for a night of fun and mayhem guaranteed to drive you crazy.

Come on and see what all the fuss is about.  There are more attractions, fabulous six-star function venues and plenty of fun to be had on Luna Park’s famous rides and games. Entry is free, so you can even just sit back and enjoy the delicious food, fantastic atmosphere and sensational views


Date: 14 May 2010 (Friday)

Time: 7pm at Luna Park (More details would be sent to you later this week)

Payment: Since we will get the tickets on spot, there will be NO payment time for this event. **The ticket price is $30 for Friday night. So make sure you bring enough money for food and the tickets!


For more information of the Park, please visit:


Fun starts at 7pm and where else, Luna Park!  See you there!


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