foodies? (aka other stuff this weekend)

Hi everyone,

We’ve had a great response to the surfing event this weekend, so much so that we’ve actually filled all the places and have a waiting list… which had me thinking – this website is kinda a blog, and there are plenty of things to do out in Sydney, so why not highlight a few of them for everyone who can’t make it to surfing! After all, not everyone checks their emails religiously waiting for new mail every few minutes like me…

1. Well I guess first of the rank is Manly! OK so you might not get to go surfing, but you’re still most welcome to come with us to the beach and lay down a towel.

2. OK the first real thing. I was reading the Herald today and saw in Good Living that it’s NSW Wine Week. In Hyde Park this Sunday, they’re setting up a whole bunch of stalls from wineries all around the state and offering tastings etc etc – it’s a pretty cool idea, the cellar door coming to you rather than the other way round. So if you’re into your wine, this might be a good chance to see what NSW has to offer:

3. Foodies alert! If you’re into your finer cuisine, there’s the Sydney Taste Festival on this weekend at Centennial Park. Some pretty amazing chefs are all coming together to do cooking demos, tastings and the like… mind you it’s not a cheap affair. But for the die hard food-lovers, this might be a good one:

Now two really random ones…

4. You can swim across Darling Harbour?! Apparently so. The water is kinda… er, suspicious… but i suppose it may be a once in a lifetime thing… perhaps better left as a spectator sport. This sunday:

5. Need new clothes? Or more correctly old clothes? Surry Hills library (what? library?) is doing a clothing exchange. Bizarre. 6 items max, so don’t go too crazy. You have been warned.

I was thinking about making these kinds of info posts semi-regular, so if you guys actually read/enjoy/hate this then I’d be curious to know!

Yu Heng


5 thoughts on “foodies? (aka other stuff this weekend)

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  1. I’ve been hoping to find these kind of tips somewhere! Keep them coming! There must be a lot going on in Sydney but finding out about the events seems to require mostly luck.

  2. Awesome idea! Perhaps need to flesh each point out more, give a bit of a background. ie What are they going to do at Centennial park? You will have a chance to taste a bit from alot of upper ended restaurants!

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