Thanks, Access Cards and Week 1 Events

Hi everyone,

Thanks to everyone who came to the Welcome BBQ on what was a stinking hot 36 degree day! We were a little overwhelmed by the number of people that came (as the photos below show), but I hope you could tell we tried to do our best!  Hopefully you enjoyed it and got to meet some new and interesting people there.

the amazing turnout...the even more amazing line...

I should especially apologise for the vegetarians who had it a bit rough today – we weren’t having much luck with the actual BBQ unit itself and the cooking =( we’ll make sure we fix that up for next time round. Perhaps we’ll find an alternative to “bubble and squeak”… Speaking of which, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

By the way, if you’ve signed up but aren’t receiving our emails, please let us know. We’ve had a few cases of typing errors in emails, as well as our mail being put into your Junk mail folders.

Access Cards!

As a club supported by the USU, we really encourage everyone to get an Access card. If you plan on getting involved in campus life through clubs, or spend money on campus on food etc, you’ll probably find that it’s a worthwhile buy. For every weekend event, Unimates usually charges Access card holders a decent amount less than non-Access card holders.

(Oh before i forget! Personally I think the best thing about getting one is the free year’s subscription to the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.)

If you’re interested in getting a card, they’ll have them at the big O-week coming up Wednesday – Friday.

If you’ve already got one, we’d like to know your Access card number. Hit the link on the right hand side of our website to enter your Access details.

Week 1 Events

We’ve got Coffee and Cakes and the City Tour lined up for the first week of semester! More details to come soon, but tentatively, Coffee and Cakes is likely to be on Tuesday 11:30-1 pm and the City Tour will be on Sat March 6th. Registration is already open online – the link is also on the right hand side of our website.

More details soon!

Yu Heng


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