Festival of the Winds

Hey everyone!

We’re powering through the semester – its ALREADY week 7! That’s halfway through… it’s been so fast don’t you think?
Thanks to all the wonderful people who have been able to come to one, some or many of our events! If you haven’t yet been able to join us for any of our events, its still not too late – we’d love you to come along to either our Coffee and Cakes or weekend events!
This week we’ve got another exciting event coming up:

Week 7 – Festival of the Winds

The Festival of the Winds is a kite flying event where you get to see, make and fly your own kites! It is held down at the Bondi Pavilion on the 14th of September, Sunday.

We will be catching the bus (380) in Circular Quay Stand E to Bondi Beach. You can get to Circular Quay via train from any station. Once we get there we’ll have a look around the many stalls and activities happening around the area. We will be attending the kite making workshop which only cost $3 to make and fly your own kite! After we’ll let you all off to do your own thing before meeting up at 4pm to catch a bus back to the city. Have a look at the attached pdf program in this newsletter and decide what you want to see there!

Details are listed below

When: 14th of September, Sunday, 11am -4pm

Meeting Place: Outside Circular Quay Train Station at 9:30am, and will reach Bondi Beach before 11am.

Finishing: 4pm (we will be catching the bus back to the city)

Cost: FREE entry for event

Note: $2.60 adult/$1.30 student one-way train fare from Central station to Circular Quay $4.80 adult/$2.40 student one-way bus fare
$3 for kite making workshop

RSVP by Friday 12th of September, register by clicking the link below: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pQrsJ_hC4L2u2FkeVfd2ZRw&hl=en

For more information, find Attachment for the detail of activities or you may visit this link for official info:

Wet Weather: In case of wet weather the event will be cancelled. You will be notified again the day before (13 Sept, Saturday night) via email whether it’s still on or cancelled – so please have a look out. Visit http://www.bom.gov.au/ to check the weather forecast. Let’s all hope that it’s nice and sunny!

In other news…
Our Hunter Valley trip is coming up soon (Week 8)! We’re still finalising the details of this, but we’ll be letting you know the details as soon as its all ready.

Have a great week!

Yu Heng


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