Poor Swannies, Muru Mittigar, Bushwalking and Opera House

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone who went to the AFL game had a good time and enjoyed visiting the Olympic Stadium, despite the (to put it kindly) less than impressive showing by the Sydney Swans. Mind you, Geelong have only lost 1 out of 16 games all season.
It proved to be quite hard to keep all 75 of us together and to explain the rules as well, although I think most people managed to understand what was going on reasonably fast!

Photos will be up on Facebook soon. Your feedback and photos are much appreciated! Send them to us via our email address.

Coffee and Cakes is on again for another week – we’d love to see you there, even if you can only make half of it!

Muru Mittigar (Week 4 Event)
The registration for this event has now closed – for those who have signed up, remember to make your payment at Coffee and Cakes, or email us if you cannot make this time.

Upcoming Events
Week 5 – Saturday 30 August – Bushwalking from the Spit to Manly

Week 6 – Sunday 7 September – Australian Chamber Orchestra performing at the Opera House (and post-event Rocks pub crawl)

More details about these events and the RSVP will be coming soon. We will have a NEW system for signing up for events – it will be an online registration form (rather than emailing us). More about this soon…

Have a great week!

Yu Heng


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