Luna Park, AFL Football Game and Muru Mittigar

Hello everyone,

For those who missed it, the City Tour went really well – it was a beautiful day and almost 50 of us had an enjoyable stroll from Glebe and the Fish Markets all the way to the Opera House and The Rocks.
I’ll be posting some photos up on the blog, as well as more on the Facebook – we’d love to see your photos up on Facebook as well. If you have some really good photos, send them to our email – we might be able to use them for promotional materials next semester!
Once again, we’d love to hear your feedback about the event.

Here are the details of the next 3 weekend events – registration is open NOW (don’t miss it). To register, just send us an email with three things – 1. the event name, 2. your name, 3. Access Card number (if you have one).

Week 2 Event – Luna Park
Description: Unlimited theme park rides, set on Sydney Harbour! A great day out and a must-do for those who like action! There’s also an amazing view from the park, looking over the harbour. More information at

Date: Saturday 9th August (end of Week 2)
Place: Meet at Milsons Point Station.
Time: Meet at 1:30 pm. Finish around 6:30.
Cost: This is flexible depending on how many rides you want to go on. These are the prices for unlimited times on certain rides:

Go Wild Pass (all rides) – $35
Go Silly Pass (5 rides) – $30
Go Easy Pass (3 rides) – $20
On top of this, Access Card holders will get a further 15% off from us.

Note: We will be getting the tickets when we get there and show you which rides are included for each pass.

RSVP: Thursday 7th August.
Payment: Upon arrival at the park on the Saturday.

Week 3 Event – AFL Football Game
Description: We’re really excited about this one. If you ever wanted to experience a truly Australian sport then this is it. Our very own Sydney Swans (currently 4th rank) vs Geelong (1st). The game will be held at ANZ Stadium – the stadium of the Sydney 2000 Olympics!

AFL stands for Australian Football League, and don’t worry – we will be giving a full explanation of how the sport works on the day.

Date: Saturday 16th August (end of Week 3)
Place: Meet at Redfern Station – we will catch a train from here to Olympic Park.
Time: Meet at around 5:15. (Game starts around 7pm)
Cost: Access Card Unimates members – $16.80
Non-Access Card Unimates members – $19.80
Non-Unimates members – $22.00
The game ticket includes BOTH the entry fee for the game, AND public transport (no need to buy a train ticket).
RSVP: Saturday 9th August, end of Week 2 (This is EARLY since we need to buy the tickets in advance – don’t miss it! This is a STRICT deadline, and we can’t give refunds after this date.)
Payment: This can be done at Coffee and Cakes, or at our designated payment times during the week.
Note – if you have signed up, we cannot give refunds after the RSVP date since we will have already bought the tickets. If you cannot come at the last minute, you need to find somebody to take your ticket.

Week 4 Event – Muru Mittigar (Aboriginal Culture)

Description: Experience Aboriginal culture with this award-winning tour. The tour includes a cultural talk, a guided tour of the museum, and also activities for you to participate in – learn how to throw a boomerang, and taste some bush tucker. There will also be a didgeridoo performance, and you will learn about how Aboriginal people use plants for medicine and food. Eye opening, and a must for appreciating the history of Australia and the traditional owners of this great land.

Date: Saturday 23rd August (end of Week 4)

Place: Meet at Central station around 8am and travel to Muru Mittigar via train

Time: from around 8am – mid-afternoon

Cost (estimated maximum):

$30 – Access Card Unimates members

$35 – Non-Access card Unimates members

$37 – non-members

+ $10 for transport ($7.20 concession)

We will try to subsidise this event further to reduce costs.

RSVP: midnight, Wednesday 13th August (we need time to negotiate discounts!)

Payment: This can be done at Coffee and Cakes only! If you have problems with making the time, email us.
Note – if you have signed up, we cannot give refunds after the RSVP date since we will have already booked a place for you. If you cannot come at the last minute, you will need to find somebody to take your ticket.

Don’t Forget…
Coffee and Cakes is on as usual – see the blog post below for details. Hope to see you guys there!
Also, the stuff on the blog post below about member records still applies – we still need Access Card numbers if you have not given them to us.

See you at one of our events soon!

Yu Heng

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  1. AFL says:

    Who won the AFL game?

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