Unimates Lawn Bowling

NOTE: the registration for Lawn Bowling is now extended to Friday night 8 PM! Hurry sign up if you are interested!!

Hi everyone!

First of all, a big big thank you for everyone who turned up for the AGM last Friday! It was a successful and great night for the club as new president is now elected! 😀 Find out who our club’s next big thing is by attending coffee and cakes and the last two events!

So, here’s the details of our second last event for the semester! LAWN BOWLING!!

Date: Saturday 31st of May
Time: 1:45p.m.
Place: Camperdown Bowling and Recreation Club Mallet St. Camperdown

Price: $10 dollars

Bring: Flat shoes or sandals, warm clothes, sunblock, $10
Length: Bowl for two hours then head to Glebe for drinks and snacks (1:45pm-6pm)
Space is very limited! Send and email now to unimates@yahoo.com.au to register (Put “Lawn” in the subject)

General Description
Ever Tried Lawn Bowling or Bowls? Two teams compete in this popular, fun and relaxing, outdoor grass sport. You maybe able to trace
its traditional origins to the 13th century, but today “barefoot bowling” has gained popularity among Australian university students because its simple, fun and great for friends!

Join us for one of our last events, no experience or shoes necessary (your feet might get cold though)!
Meet at Camperdown Bowling and Recreation Club Mallet St. Camperdown at 1:45pm this Saturday, you will learn the rules and techniques of bowls, play,
then head together for some drinks and snacks at our home nearby in Glebe, finishing around 6pm. What is lawn bowling exactly? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bowls

Space is limited – Registration Closes this Thursday at 8p.m.


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