Unimates Ferry Ride & Re-election Meeting

(NOTE: original meeting time for Ferry Ride has been changed)

Hey guys,

Here’s the details for third last event of this semester, Ferry Ride.

Meeting time: 11.40 AM
Meeting place: Circular Quay Wharf no.5

Cost: $7.70 for single ferry trip to Olympic Park (we could go back to city via train services)

General description:
We will start the event by taking a relaxing scenic ferry ride all the way from Circular Quay to Olympic Park. Then we will proceed by doing some recreational activities available, such as miniature golf, cycling or you can choose to explore the Olympic venues and surrounding parklands.

Mini golf description:
Enjoy a day outdoors on our 18 hole mini-golf course. Sydney Olympic Park Golf Centre caters for all your golfing needs in the one convenient location. Come and have a hit at one of our 60 hitting stations on the driving range, practice your putting and chipping on our short game area or have some fun on our excellent 18-hole Mini-Golf course.The centre also provides you with golf instruction from an experienced instructor, as well as clinics for all types of golfers

‘Listen Live’ Self-Guided Audio Tour description:
Listen Live’ is a self-guided audio tour of the Olympic venues and surrounding parklands.
The tour gives lots of interesting information about the Olympic venues, all the modern Olympic Games and this unique site that hosted the ‘Best Games Ever’.
It includes entry to the Aquatic Centre and the 17th Floor Observation Deck where you can take in breathtaking views from the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the Blue Mountains. You can also discover more about the historic Newington Armory and the amazing Brick Pit Ring Walk.
Visitors receive a MP3 player and map and can explore for as long as they like. The handy map has numbers relevant to each location which can be entered into the player to get information relevant to that location. Listen Live can also be combined with bike hire.

It is a relaxing event where you can take a half day rest from the hectic timetable full of assessments! This is the third last event for this semester, so come and don’t miss out the opportunity to meet fellow members! 🙂

Registration closed on Friday 10 PM. As always, send us an email to sign up. We are looking forward to see you there.


Re-election Meeting Next Friday

As you might have already known, the re-election meeting is on Friday (23rd May), week 11.

Starting time: 6 PM
Meeting place: Isabel Fidler room, Manning building level 2

During the meeting, we will hold an election for the new committee team for the coming semester as the title suggested. If you are interested in becoming part of the committee to contribute to the club, we strongly encourage you to take part in the meeting. And please send us an email in that regards (stating that you are interested to become part of committee) so that we could provide you all information before the meeting.

For everyone else who are not so keen, we encourage you equally strongly to attend because members are everything to the club, your vote, your voice and contribution is what keep the club going and improving. That is your right as a club member, so please use it. The club president would personally love to see everyone there!

Light servings will be provided so that no one is hungry. We could go for big dinner afterwards for celebration as well. So much the possibilities you could treat it as an event itself!

And before it is forgotten, apart from election we will also do a semester review over all events and activities held so far. That’s why it’s the best opportunity to voice out what you really think.

So please allow yourself to have time for Friday week 11, 6 PM. Again, we would really love to see you all there. Thanks guys! 🙂


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  1. Dear Hardy! I am An. I am really interested in the meeting but i can not come so could you please send me some information about what happen and activities of Unimate. The following is my email address: btri2758@mail.usyd.edu.au

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