Unimates NRL Game & Ferry Ride

Hi guys,
as you all might have already known, this Saturday we have the exciting truly Aussie style rugby league match! And here’s the details.

Meeting time: 6 PM, Saturday 10th May
Meeting place: Central station

Ticket price: $15 for members and $12 for AC members

How to register: Register along with your payment straightaway to the committee members during coffee and cakes session this Wednesday. If you cannot attend the session, please send us an email OR contact Tehrid (0448187143) to arrange alternative time for you to make the payment. Also, please note that we NEED to have your student ID in order to make the booking for the tickets (it is required to get the concession price). It will be returned on Saturday night itself when you get your ticket. So please bring your student ID when you make the payment, we sincerely hope for your understanding for the inconveniences.

The registration will be closed on Friday 12 pm.


Ferry Ride to Parramatta/Olympic Park

The registration for ferry ride event is now opened. This is a relaxing event where we will take a nice scenic ride from Circular Quay to Olympic Park then continued with several light recreational activities throughout the day event. More of the activities details will be coming up soon. If you want to take some break from the hectic study week, this is the event for you!

If you are interested, send us an email to register soon! Registration closed at Friday, 16th of May. 🙂


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