Unimates Pub Crawl & General Meeting

Hi guys!

The Pub Crawl event is on this Saturday! Here’s some details.

Starting place: Circular Quay wharf 6
Starting time: 6 pm
Cost: Drinks at the pubs, so it’s very much down to you, hehe! 🙂
Things to note: Wear appropriate clothes (ie. no thongs, shorts, singlets)
And please bring your ID for those who believe you look under aged (like Hardy).

Route: Cruise Bar – Harbour View Hotel – Docks – Cargo Bar
(Note: there’s a possibility of more pub visits depending on how it goes that night, but those four are the fixed spots)

The registration is now OPEN! Please send us an email as usual to sign up for the event. The registration is closed by Friday midnight.


Unimates General Meeting

A very important notice here to everyone of you. We are going to hold general meeting within three to four weeks’ time. In the general meeting, we will hold election for the committee team that will be responsible for the next semester. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you all attend this meeting because we would really appreciate your participation in voting, and also the potential involvement in being with the committee team.

What would be in the general meeting:
– Semester review and evaluation
– Committee team election
– Suggestions, ideas and improvisations

Unimates is here because of you all. So as everyone owns this club, it would be great if you attend this meeting and participate. It’s the greatest opportunity for you to have your say (complains, praises, etc)!

The confirmed date will be informed to everyone as soon as it is set. As for now, for everyone interested in contributing to the society, please send us an email and/or talk to any of the current committee members. We would love to hear from you about this!

If there’s any questions, do not hesitate to send us an email and/or ask the committee members during coffee and cakes session. Thanks for paying attention, and we hope to see you soon!


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