Unimates Bushwalk

Hi guys!

Here’s the details for tomorrow’s Bushwalk event.

Meeting venue: Wynyard bus stop stand A
Meeting time: 10.00 AM
Duration: Approximately 4-5 hours
Things to bring:
– Walking shoes
– A bottle of water (two or three if you drink a lot :))
– Sunblock
– Lunch and/or snacks
– Camera
– Towel and swimming gears (in case you want to swim at Manly beach)

– Bus fee from Wynyard to Spit: $4.00 (8 sections)
– Ferry fee from Manly to Circular Quay: $6.40 single ticket ($48.10 for Manly TravelTen)


A 4 hours walk trip from The Spit to Manly. The bush walk starts from The Spit entrance, walking across many bays, beaches and beautiful sceneries throughout. There will be two resting stops, at Clontarf Beach and Dobroyd Point. Reaching Manly, we can spend some time enjoying the beach either at Manly itself or at Shelley beach. To mark the end of the whole walk, we will take a romantic ferry ride home from Manly wharf exactly around the time when the sun is setting. The whole walk is tiring but very much enjoyable, so be prepared and get the best out of the bush walking experience!


The Spit entrance – Fisher Bay – Sandy Bay – Clontarf beach – Castle Rock – Grotto Point (detour) – Crater Cove – Dobroyd Point – Reef Beach – Forty Baskets Beach – Fairlight – The Corso – Manly Beach – Shelley Beach

It is still not too late to register. You can also show up on the day if you feel like it! However, as we have a fixed planning, we will ONLY wait to a certain time period for those who have registered. And also, it will be very nice for us to hear from you pre-event.

Thanks to those who have registered, see you all tomorrow and the forecast states that it’s gonna be SUNNY! 😀


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