Unimates Bushwalk & Other Events

Hi everyone,

Here’s the important information about the coming events. These events’ dates have been changed and they are now going to be hold at following dates.

– 26 April 2008 : Bushwalking from Spit to Manly
– 3 May 2008 : Pub Crawl
– 10 May 2008 : NRL Game
– 17 May 2008 : Ferry Ride to Parramatta & Olympic Park

That means the next event will be bushwalking! And here’s the details.

Event starting time: 10 AM
Event duration: 4-5 hours
Event description:
A 4 hours walk trip from The Spit to Manly. The bush walk starts from The Spit entrance, walking across many bays, beaches and beautiful sceneries throughout. There will be two resting stops, at Clontarf Beach and Dobroyd Point. Reaching Manly, we can spend some time enjoying the beach either at Manly itself or at Shelley beach. To mark the end of the whole walk, we will take a romantic ferry ride home from Manly wharf exactly around the time when the sun is setting. The whole walk is tiring but very much enjoyable, so be prepared and get the best out of the typical Aussie bush walking experience!

Event cost: $4.00 bus fee from Wynyard to Spit and $6.40 single ferry trip from Manly to Circular Quay (Note: these are transportation costs, apart from that this is basically a free event, which therefore means that you will NOT have to pay Unimates anything)

The registration for this event is now open. If you are interested, send us an email as soon as possible. The registration is closed on Friday, 25th April.

Have a good week guys! 🙂


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