Hunter Valley

Update: We are sorry to announce that the number of people going to Hunter Valley has reached maximum since yesterday (Wednesday), so there’s NO MORE SEATS AVAILABLE. Thanks everyone for the interest! Hope to see you all in the next event.

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend. Here’s the detail for this week’s anticipated big event, Hunter Valley trip.

Price: $80 per person
Date: Sunday, 23rd September 2007
Include: all wine tasting (up to 5 wineries), cheese tasting, chocolate tasting, boomerang throwing (weather permitting), expert guides and all sightseeing!

We are sorry to push the day to Sunday because the Saturday tours are fully booked. The day tour will start in the morning at 7.45 am in YHA Central and finishes at approximately 6 pm. The price will include lunch, and the sceneries will be nice, so the trip will be a really good one.

The due date for signing up will be this Wednesday. The payment should be made on Wednesday itself, so if you can come to coffee and cakes, that would be great. In any case if you can’t go to coffee and cakes but wants to go to the trip, please send an email to stating when you can possibly meet us and pay at the time given below.

Tuesday: 11-12 pm, 2-3 pm, 4-5 pm (find Hardy)
Wednesday: 10-3 pm, and 4-6 pm onwards (find Hardy)
Location: Wentworth food court lower level around Smart Eats

If still can’t find time, try pass your friend the money and ask them to give any of the Unimates committee members (Hardy, Berkay, Yuna, Catharina, Tehrid) instead. The best way is to find Hardy at those assigned time.

Please make up your mind soon as we really need to book at latest this Wednesday and we only have MAXIMUM 18 SEATS AVAILABLE. So if the numbers are up, you could miss the tour. On the other hand, if we do not have at least 15 people, we could cancel the trip as the cost for the tour comes in a package.

As mentioned earlier, the tour is popular and we could miss out the booking if we do not make it soon. Thus Wednesday is the deadline and hope you all can understand for the rush. If you are really interested, sign up soon. Thanks for this everyone.


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  1. Hi Christie, i am sorry to inform you that we have no more place available. However, you will be put under waiting list. In any case if there’s a place vacated, you might be able to get in. If that happens, we will let you know again.Sorry for this. See you soon. 🙂

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