Unimates Side Activities + Committee Team Information

Hi guys, hope you have been having a good time so far.

Today at the coffee and cakes, some members mentioned about holding sports activities such as soccer game some time during the week. I believe it’s a good idea, and if there is enough enthusiasm and participations, we can hold them maybe regularly. For further discussion regarding that, please go unimatespres.blogspot.com (Hardy’s personal Unimates site) and comment on the post I make for that. Everyone who is interested can go and express your opinions as well.

Also, as I have mentioned during Welcome Dinner, we are open to members with interest to become part of the committee team of Unimates. The executive committee board changes regularly, therefore new committee members are needed to takeover the responsibilities within the club in the future. And thus our intention to form a group of committee members now. What will happen is that we will inform the team as to when we might need to work together on certain events and get members familiarise themselves with how the club works.

So, for members who are interested, you can register your interest by sending us an email with subject ‘Unimates Committee Team’.

That’s it for now. For those who are going to the AFL game this Saturday, have a great time. And those who are interested with Featherdale Zoo event next Saturday, can start signing up with us now. The prices will be $15.50 for non access card members and $14 for access card members. More details will be posted later. Keep checking back. 🙂


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