Post Welcome BBQ & Welcome Dinner Competition

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a good time yesterday during the BBQ.

Overall, the BBQ was a success, and we were blessed with a perfectly fine weather after the scare of pre-BBQ rain. We are very glad that more than 20 new members signed up yesterday and many turned up on the event. A special thanks to our volunteer from ISSU, Bec, for joining us and was a big help in BBQ-ing the food for all of us when the committee members were busy. Also to our new member John, who did the same in helping us preparing the food. They were fantastic and we hope to see them more often in the future.

And a big thank you for all members who attended the event, we sincerely hope all of you had a great evening and looking forward to see you in coffee and cakes or during the events.


Welcome Dinner Competition

As some of you may already heard it during the BBQ yesterday, we are going to hold the Welcome Dinner Competition. It’s a group competition, and the details are as follows.

– Form a team of 3-4 people
– Make a short presentation of anything within 5-10 minutes
– Only the first 5 teams that register with us will be entered into the competition, so hurry!
– The prize will be shopping voucher with total value worth up to AUD$100 for the winning group
– To register, send an email of your group details (names) to
– Competition topic: Sydney Experience

Just to give you all a bit more idea of the competition, the presentation can be anything and not necessarily the kind of PowerPoint presentation (although you can still use it if you want). It can be a performance (such as making up a song about Sydney), a slideshow of funny pictures, or just a short clip of what you find interesting, unusual, fun or different in Sydney that makes you feel surprised. Thus, use the chance in event such as City Tour to talk with your group and maybe think of what you will want to do to join the fun!

This competition is meant for all of us to share our experience so far in Sydney with everyone. So take it as something fun and no pressure. Think of whatever form of presentation your group want to make as long as it can fully express what you want to share with the fellow Unimates members at the Welcome Dinner.

The groups that will take part in the competition are going to be notified and provided with further information. The registration will open until 29th of July, or the day after City Tour. Keep checking back this site for next Saturday’s City Tour. Until then, have a nice weekend!


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