Welcome BBQ (20/07/07)

Here’s the finalised details on Welcome BBQ.
Venue: Maze Lawn
Time: 2 – 5 pm
Things to bring: Camera, umbrella, Unimates membership card
The weather forecast is still shower for tomorrow, so bring umbrella just in case. Camera to snap pictures and you might find it useful later. And your membership card to keep us in check. I realised some members forgotten their cards when signing up. Please come to the BBQ and let us know and you can get yours back. 🙂

Unimates committee will be wearing black Unimates shirt. And some of the volunteers from ISSU will also be helping us. So if you see a group of black and green shirt people standing around a field, that should be us.

And here’s some extra information to all of you. Our coffee and cakes session is on every Wednesday, 11.30 to 12.30 pm. The time on the banner of this blog is wrong, we haven’t change it, and we apologize for causing some confusion. And when you see the link ‘Contact Us’ on the right hand column, don’t use that. Our email is unimates@yahoo.com.au. Once again, sorry for causing the confusion because we are yet to change them. Our dear marketing committee, who is the person-in-charge of this site, was away so we couldn’t do anything. We will correct them very soon.

Also, I have created a personal page where we can be more interactive in unimatespres.blogspot.com. The fix list of the events, FAQs and polls will be there. I will personally share my experience on the events throughout the semester, and put up anything you want to share with everyone too.

Lastly, thanks for joining us during the orientation. We are very happy to see you all signing up at our stall. We believe it’s gonna be a lot of fun this semester. Hope to see everyone at the BBQ tomorrow!


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