Info on Welcome BBQ

Hi everyone!

As promised, here is the map of Maze Lawn, the venue where the Welcome BBQ will be hold.

The Maze Lawn is basically the big green field outside of Biochemistry building (where the Daily Arrival sessions are hold). Shouldn’t be too difficult to find as long as you walk around the area from Co-op Bookshop to Wentworth building. On Friday during the Welcome BBQ, the committee will be wearing black Unimates t-shirts, so if you see us, that’s the place!
Just to confirm with you all once again,
Venue: Maze Lawn
Time: 2 – 5 pm
As the time for the BBQ is limited to 3 hours, we hope all of you try not to be late, so not to miss out on anything. Do bring your Unimates card along, we might need to record the attendance. Also, there is a possibility of shower on Friday according to the forecast. We hope the forecast is wrong and it will be a nice sunny day. We will keep monitoring the situation and post any updates regarding the BBQ here. Worse come to worse, we will have an under-umbrella BBQ. (hope not!)
Alright, that’s it for the Welcome BBQ information. If there’s any questions, please send us an email to

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