Sydney Olympic Park on 5th of May, Saturday

Come out and enjoy the wonderful weather at Syndey Olympic Park this Saturday, the 5th of May!

Sydney Olympic Park (free and easy trip)
Meeting Place: Central Station (Ticketing counter)
Meeting Time: 11:00am, 5th of May
Duration: ~ 5 hours (you can stay longer or leave earlier, no hard pressure)
Things to Bring: Money for food and other expenses, good walking shoes, water, light jacket, suncream, sun glasses, hat, umbrella, lunch box if you like, swim suit, etc.
Costs: $9.80 ($4.90 X 2) by train (Central–Olympic Park–Central) plus others depending on your interests of that day.

FYI: There is a swimming pool at the park for those who feel like to swim. It costs about $6.00. So bring your swim suit!

Also, If you wanna check out the Telstra Stadium, it costs about $30 to visit.

We can go for sightseeing and have lunch there. Alternatively, there are many activities that you can do there on that day. So it will be a free and easy trip i.e. you can choose to take up any activity whilst you are there depending on what interests you (and how much you are willing to spend).

You can check out these activities at the website in the following address:

Here are two (free) things we would especially recommend (only if you like and it depends on the people going to this park):
1. Brickpit Walk
2. Mangrove Tree Board Walk

Please register by posting a comment here with your name and email address.

We hope to see you there!

NOTE: Don’t forget to sign up for the Blue Mountain. See more details below.


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