FREE Unimates Dinner on 20th of March, Tuesday!!

As we have promised, your FREE dinner is on the way!

FREE Unimates Dinner
Location: Old Teacher’s College, Assembly Hall
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Date: 20th of March, Tuesday

Due to a limited space at the Hall, ONLY 100 SEATS will be provided and it is a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE service. So ONLY the first 100 Unimates members who register with us will be taken!

For your info, the dinner is exclusively sponsored by STUDENT FLIGHTS and there will be FREE TRIPS given away.

What are you waiting for?
REGISTER now by posting a comment here with your name, student ID, and food preference (vegie or not) OR you will miss the FREE dinner!


85 thoughts on “FREE Unimates Dinner on 20th of March, Tuesday!!

Add yours

  1. Hi, I am Yuna. I want to attend the dinner.SID:306074761.But we have Seminar on TUE from 6-7pm.I will be there when i finished my class.See u then^_^~~

  2. Hey all. -^__^- Yep! I would like to go too! Vegie or non vegie is fine. Please include the two of us.Michelle Tan – 307048861Audrey Quah – 307051323Thankies~

  3. My name is Hua ZHONG, ID:306108151Email:poupee_doll@hotmail.comI am not a vegeterian and like to try different kinds of food! Thanks!

  4. Hi everyone, my name is Berkay Ormeci. I also would like to attend to the dinner.306022265 and food choice is does not matter for me.See you all there

  5. hi,there. I wanna take part in the dinner. I’m Vicky Liu. ID: 307081818. Not vegie.See ya all there. Thanks!

  6. Hey,just to let you know that i will be there tomorrow!See you then, AnyaAnya WeimannStudent ID: 306 225 743Veggie

  7. Heylo!We will be able to make it for the dinner! Not vegie..Charlene Wimala, 305275836Woo Guan Yi, 307050467Clara Lee, 307014665See you all there!

  8. Sorry, something just came up. Cannot make it to the dinner.. 😦 Wat a shame.. so.. one more place for anyone who wish to participate. Thx.Amy306112329

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