Welcome Dinner postponed!

The Welcome Dinner has been postponed because our sponsor, StudentFlights, cannot make it this week. We deeply apologize. We will inform you the actual date for the dinner once it is confirmed.

To make it up for you, StudentFlights is going to give all our members a 5% off VIP card!! You can use it anytime in 2007 for all the domestic flights and most trips. They also offer us a discounted price for international travels/flights. These benefits are only for Unimates members! So, be proud of being a member!

Note: Thanks for everyone who came for the Coffee/Tea & Cakes today. It was great seeing you there.


2 thoughts on “Welcome Dinner postponed!

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  1. we will post the details for Welcome Dinner in advance once it is confirmed. So, check out the blogs more often. It can be up any second. :-)Thank you.

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