THERE ARE STILL PLACES AVAILABLE! Please e-mail Lindsay at ltb22[at] by THIS SUNDAY the 29th to reserve your spot!

1-2 Nov (Wed-Thurs): Royal National Park overnight hike
We’ll be doing the famous 26km coastal walk through the 2nd oldest national park in the world!

Approximate itinerary: (subject to change)
9:00am: meet outside Woolworths across from Town Hall, buy food and supplies for hike
9:49am: catch train to Cronulla
11:30am: catch ferry to Bundeena (starting point of the hike)
12:00pm: begin 16km hike
7:00pm: arrive at Garie Beach hostel

complete 10km hike to Otford station
catch train back to the city by late afternoon

26km seems like a lot, but it’s divided up between two days so that we can take our time and enjoy the scenery – there are also lots of secluded beaches and coves along the way. We have rented out the Garie Beach YHA for the night and there are beds for 12 people only. Each person must bring his own linen (blankets and pillows are provided, but not shets). We’ll be buying supplies for Wed dinner (probably pasta) and Thurs breakfast/lunch.

Approx. $10.60 for train tickets ($5.30 if you have concession) + $5 ferry.
Unimates will pay for the hostel and food for dinner and Thurs breakfast/lunch.

Breakfast/lunch for Wed (day 1), bed sheets and pillowcase, change of clothes, bathing suit, towel/sarong, sunscreen, hat, camera, good walking shoes/boots, bug spray, torch (flashlight), backpack

– You may have to share a double bed with another person from the group
– You will have to carry some of our food supplies, plus all your own gear
– You must bring your own bedsheets and pillowcase (or sleeping bag)
– There are no flush toilets or showers at the hostel, only an “eco toilet” (doesn’t flush)
– There is cutlery and a stove at the hostel, but minimal electricity and no refrigerator
– You may have to help prepare meals
– You must be in good physical shape to do this hike
– We will be 40km from Sydney in a remote area, where it would be difficult to seek help if anything happens

Are you still interested in this amazing bushwalk? If so, email Lindsay at ltb22[at] by THIS SUNDAY the 29th.



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  1. Hey, sounds really cool this hiking trip! But why is it during weekdays? I’m only off during the weekends.. greetz Moniek

  2. I guess it is cheaper to rent the hostel on weekdays and it’s during stuvac so most people don’t have classes or exams.See you on Wednesday,Tim

  3. There are only two trains from Otford station to central in the afternoon. One is fiveish, the other is six. I think it is better for the hiking team to get to Otford before 5pm.

  4. that’s not true, there are more trains than that from otford to central… check so we’ll aim to make the one at 3:13 or 3:50.and also, that’s true, it is more expensive to rent the YHA on weekends, plus they are all booked out until january! so we had no other option.

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