**Katie Spaulding, please email unimates.soc@usyd.edu.au to arrange a time to meet and get your money refunded from the trip! **

13 Oct: Star City Casino (yes, again!)
Missed out on last week’s excursion to the Star City Casino? (Or just confused by our plans to meet up?) Some members want to meet up this Friday (the 13th) at 8pm at the entrance of the convention centre (next to the exhibition centre at Darling Harbour). From there, we will walk over to the casino. Bring your passport if you haven’t already become a Star City member and received the $10 voucher!


3 thoughts on “WEEK 11

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  1. Because some of us were not able to go to the Casino last Saturday, we are going this Friday (13 Oct).We will meet at 8pm in front of the Convention Center at Darling Harbour.Cheers,Tim

  2. Hey guys,I’m sorry I wasn’t at the Convention Center on time. Somehow I thought it was next to the Entertainment Center instead of the Exhibition Center, stupid me.Anyway, I went to the Casino. I didn’t find you and I lost 9$, but it was good :-)We can try again…Cheers,Verena

  3. Meeting at the Convention Center probably wasn’t the best idea. Being a little late I only found Stanley there. We where lucky to run into Mario and his friends at the casino though.I got 7 of the 10 free dollars out, but spend the three on a drink, so I ended up with 4 one dollar coins for the laundry machine :o)Cheers,Tim

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