Activities for after the break

We’re trying to come up with activities to do after the semester break (so, for October and November). Here’s what we’re thinking of doing… PLEASE reply to this post and let us know which of these you are interested in doing, and any other ideas you have for things to do!

beach day
dolphin watching daytrip (~$100 with club discount)
overnight farmstay (~$160 with club discount)
harbour cruise (will probably be a themed event. tickets per person will most likely be $30-40 if we can charter a cheap but decent boat and have food prepared for us… anyone know of any good deals?)
overnight hike at royal national park (it’s 16km on day 1 [about 4hrs nonstop], we can rent out a 12-bed YHA, and then do 10km on day 2 [about 2.5hrs nonstop]… a gorgeous coastline walk through the 2nd oldest national park in the world! an overnight hike is really the only way to do it, as there is no transportation between the start and end points. or, we could do it all in one day, but wouldn’t have much time to stop and enjoy the park. only cost for members is for transportation there and back)
darling harbour pub/club crawl and star city casino


4 thoughts on “Activities for after the break

Add yours

  1. I am definitely interested in the overnight hike and possibly the farmstay, but I would need to know what exactly is involved before paying $160.

  2. i would definitely get involved in the hiking and farmstay. it does sound rather interesting and quite a bit of experience is involved.

  3. I love the hiking idea, too. And the Casino, of course!The farmstay would be great as well, but I don’t know if I have the money for it.

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