Week 2: Pub crawl (Friday 4 Aug)

Friday, 4 August, 7:30pm

Meet at The Well at Sydney Uni Village at 7:30. If you can’t come til later, go to the bar with the nearest time to your arrival time. We will turn up sooner or later! Or you can call Liang at 04 31 597 915 or Lindsay at 04 05 779 189 to see where we are!

1. 7:30 The Well (SUV) 90 Carillon Ave
We’ll meet at the bar at Sydney Uni Village. The Well also serves food (burgers, salads, chips, etc) if you want to have dinner or snacks there. Carillon Ave is off City Rd, right outside of campus.
2. 8:00 Marly Bar 145 King St (corner of King & Missenden)
3. 8:45 Kuletos 157 King St
4. 9:30 Cooper’s Arms 221 King St
5. 10:15 Kelly’s 285 King St
An Irish pub that has karaoke starting at 10pm! Sure to be a fun way to end the evening!

You must be over 18. So, BRING ID – this includes a passport, driver’s license, proof of age (NSW) WITH A PHOTO! It does NOT include student IDs such as ISIC cards or credit cards. If you don’t bring ID you may be refused entry at any bar!!

DO NOT WEAR TRAINERS/SHORTS/THONGS (flip flops) – some bars will not let you in! This absolutely applies to boys, girls usually get a more flexible response but may still be refused!

Bring Money! The event is free & your friends are welcome but we don’t pay for drinks or food!

Not big on drinking? That’s ok, you can join us anyway – there are always non-alcoholic drinks available. The real point of the event is to meet and mingle with fellow members!

Australian pubs must also adhere to Responsible Service of Alcohol Guidelines and won’t serve you if you are too intoxicated.

Directions: Newtown is very close to the USyd campus. Just follow City Rd up and then take a right onto Carillon Ave if you’re meeting us at The Well. Otherwise, you can follow City Rd until it turns into King St. All of the pubs are on the right side of the road.


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