Last email of the semester

IMPORTANT: If you will be at Sydney Uni next semester and still want to receive Unimates emails, send an email to to join our new mailing list. Otherwise, this will be the last time you’ll hear from us!

In other news… the Unimates end-of-semester dinner will be this Sunday the 25th, 7pm at Circle 8 in Newtown. The restaurant is at 191 King St, which is near a couple of Indian diners and an Urban store. It’s in-between the Newtown Station and the Marly Bar, which doesn’t really narrow it down much I know, but it’s basically right in the middle. Please RSVP to ltb22[at] if you plan on attending [seating is limited!]. Unimates can fund $15 per person which should cover the whole meal. If you have trouble finding the place on Sunday, feel free to call Liang at 0431 597 915.

We’ve also posted a rough schedule of events for next semester on our website at Unimates has heaps of money to use for trips so we’re going to try to take advantage of it! So check that out and expect to hear from us at the beginning of next semester if you join our new mailing list.

Thanks to everyone for a fun semester, good luck with exams and have fun over break!


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