Semester 2 committee & schedule

Today Unimates held its Annual General Meeting and discussed various issues. First, a committee was elected for next semester:

President — Lauren Li
Vice President — Liang Tang
Treasurer — Lindsay Buckley
Secretary — Kristina Weber
Committee Member — Catalina Fernandez

We are also still looking for 2 more committee members, so let us know if you’re interested!

Also, we have drawn out a rough schedule of events for next semester:
WEEK 1 — first coffee&cakes
WEEK 2 — pub crawl, Newtown
WEEK 3 — welcome dinner [on campus]
WEEK 4 — harbour bridge cross/luna park
WEEK 5 — hunter valley trip
WEEK 6 — pub crawl in the rocks
WEEK 7 — tba
WEEK 8 — tba
WEEK 9 — [no trips, week before break]
WEEK 10 — whale watching trip
WEEK 11 — royal NP overnight hike
WEEK 12 — beach trip [manly to spit walk?]
WEEK 13 — final dinner


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