AGM & final dinner

Unimates’ ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING is this Tuesday, 11-1 on the 6th of June. Meet inside ISSU where the usual Coffee&Cakes is held, and signs will direct you to the nearby location of the meeting. Why should you attend? Well, if you’re sticking around next semester and you show up, you don’t have to pay the $5 membership fee next semester. We’ll be electing officers for next semester, so if you’re interested in running or having a say in your committee, you should attend this meeting! Plus, we want your ideas for activities for next semester too! And if you’re leaving Sydney soon, then come anyway because we’re having a special cake, and it’ll be our last gathering during the semester.

The FINAL DINNER will be the weekend of June 23, location/time TBA. More info to follow. Yes, it is during exams, but it’s on the weekend and you could probably use a few hours of break from studying! Plus, we should be able to use some club money to lower the price of the meal for everyone, which means CHEAP, GOOD FOOD at a nice restaurant in the city!

And, lastly, we have a new website! Check it out at We now have a public forum, where members can chat and swap travel plans without having to email the whole group. We also have a new photo gallery at If you have taken any pictures at our events [especially the recent Blue Mtns trip], please upload them! Login using and g12tuesday if you don’t have your own shutterfly account.

This is the start of many changes/improvements in Unimates, so enjoy!


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