Elections, Blue Mtns, Dinner, Opera House

Hey Unimates! I know we’re approaching the end of the semester, and you’re all busy with projects and essays and maybe even some studying, but hopefully you can spare some time to read this message and get in on our last few events until next semester.

First, your committee has been busy reorganizing the club so that it will be much better for next semester and hopefully future years. It’s difficult to stay organized and consistent when the club members change virtually each semester, but luckily 4/5 of the committee will still be around next semester. Which brings me to a few things…

Elections: We will be holding our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, June 6, 11-1 at ISSU, where coffee&cakes is usually held. We may relocate to a nearby venue, in which case there will be signs at ISSU directing you elsewhere. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you attend this meeting, especially if you will still be at Sydney next semester. We will be holding elections for committee members for next semester, so if you are planning on staying here and would like to get more involved with Unimates, we encourage you to run for a position! Along with the standard president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, we are also seeking 1-3 committee members to help out the club without having strict duties to worry about.

Other incentives to attend this meeting: If you will be in Sydney next semester and wish to stay a member of Unimates, if you attend this AGM you will NOT have to pay the $5 membership fee next semester! Otherwise, we will expect you to reregister and pay the $5 once the spring semester begins. If you’ll be long gone come July/August and don’t really care about elections, then at least show up for this meeting as it will be your last coffee&cakes session! We’ll have better food, too!

New Website: Unimates has a new website! It’s pretty much finished, but we’re going to wait a little bit longer to unveil it to you all. I can promise you it’s much less of a hassle than the current Yahoo Groups site we have, and much more useful as well.

Aside from that administrative stuff, we also have a few fun activities to end the semester with:

Blue Mountains: This Saturday is our trip to the Blue Mountains! Refer to the past post and uploaded itinerary for more details. We’ll be meeting at Central Station by Hungry Jack’s at 7am. It costs a total of $44, but Unimates will pay for your $14 train ticket, which means the trip only costs $30 per person. This includes the train to and from Katoomba, the bus that brings us around the park, and rides on the Scenic Railway and Cableway. If you’re interested in going, you can either sign up at ISSU or e-mail ltb22@cornell.edu [make sure you give us both your email and phone number]. Failure to sign up beforehand means we can’t guarantee your club discount, so make sure you e-mail us or sign the list at ISSU! For those who join us on this trip, make sure you bring warm clothing and money for lunch!

End of Semester Dinner: We’d like to get as many members together as possible for an end-of-semester dinner, one last time for everyone to hang out together. Please vote for which weekend[s] you’d be able to attend with our poll here. Afterwards, we may end up at a few pubs if anyone’s interested. However, we may not be able to receive adequate funding for this event, so if you have any suggestions for an inexpensive yet nice restaurant in the city, please let us know by e-mailing ltan8617@mail.usyd.edu.au. More details to follow within a week or so.

Sydney Dance Company show: Haven’t experienced a show at the Opera House yet? Well here’s your chance to before going home [and without going broke!]: If you have an Access Card, you can purchase $25 tickets to see the Sydney Dance Company perform [more info here]. If anyone’s interested in seeing a show at 4pm on 10th June / 7:30pm 13th June / 7:30pm 14th June, contact lorynli@yahoo.com. If there’s some interest, we will post more information and make this a club outing for next month.


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