Friday’s Pub Crawl, and Ghost Tour after break!

Unimates is having a pub crawl THIS FRIDAY, April 7! We’re meeting at4:45 in the middle of Circular Quay and will head over to The Australian for dinner around 5pm. They’re supposed to have really good pizza with the normal toppings *plus* kangaroo, crocodile, and emu. A small pizza is about $11 and is supposedly more than enoughfor one person. If you’d rather do your own thing for dinner, you can join up with us later on. Feel free to call Liang [our VP] at 0431597915 to see where we are!

Check out the schedule that we’ve posted on the Yahoo group site, it lists the approximate times we’ll be at each place. Or you can stop by ISSU and pick up a hard copy of the pub crawl schedule, which also has important info about the event as well. Don’t forget to bring an ID and plenty of cash! And you’re more than welcome to bring your friends along even if they’re not in Unimates! If you think you’ll be able to make it to any part of the pub crawl on Friday and did not sign up on the list at today’s coffee&cakes,PLEASE e-mail and let Liang know just so we have an idea of how many people to expect.

Also, we are planning on taking a ghost tour in The Rocks on the last weekend of April (probably that Sunday around 6:30pm). We were able to lower the price from $32 to $18, which is 44% off! For more info, check out, or our lovely flyer that’s also uploaded on our site. If you want to do the ghost tour, you MUST signup and pay the $18 by NEXT WEDNESDAY, April 12! We’ll have the sign-up sheet at Tuesday’s coffee&cakes, or if you can’t make it between11:30 and 1:30, the sheet should be at ISSU, just ask Deb at the counter.

Hope to see you guys on Friday night!


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