2013 – Semester 2: New Website

Hi Unimates,

We’re approaching another semester of exciting events. As of this semester we have a new website, be sure to check it out at <http://usydunimates.com>. This blog will still be active.

If you experience any difficulties with the new website, please email us at <usyd.unimates@gmail.com>.

Kartik Gupta

IT Officer

I’m no longer President! Bye-bye everyone! And screw you pelicans!

In case you have been hiding under a rock, holed up in your home, or plain unaware of what was going on, I’m no longer President of Unimates.

Effective on 1st June 2012 (last Friday), Patrick Ward is now President of Unimates.

Yeah, I was just as shocked when I received my retrenchment letter.





Here’s me about to bitch-slap Patrick:


Heeeelllllll no



I’m kidding. 

No firing or bitch-slapping ever took place. What actually took place was that Patrick was elected as President at the Unimates AGM on 14th May 2012. I wrote about it here. On 31st May 2012, my term officially ended and all Presidential superpower was transferred to Patrick. As for that photo above? I was just asking Patrick to say a few words during dinner at Unimates Night. No bitch-slap ever took place! Honest! 

If you’re thinking, “Wow, this guy has such a short term. Only 6 months as President.” That’s because I was supposed to finished my 1 year term as Vice-President. But due to circumstantial situations, I was elected as President and took over last year November. 

Anyway, now that I reflect and look back, I’m pretty amazed about how far I’ve came. I can say that I spent close to two-thirds of my university life with Unimates. Sure, I joined various other clubs and societies over the course of my university career, but Unimates always remained the focal point.

But, it wasn’t always this way.

When I first came to USYD as a fresh-eyed undergraduate in July 2009, I joined Unimates and only turned up for the Welcome BBQ. My reaction to Unimates back then was:


I wasn’t too impressed with Unimates (“For Fantastic Fun and Friendship”? Come on. That’s kitschy). This went on for my entire first semester. It wasn’t until the next semester, in the beginning of 2010, that I decided to give Unimates a try. I wanted to put their motto to test. 

It turned out that Unimates wasn’t too bad. The events allowed me to explore of  Australian culture while at the same time widening up my social circle. It’s an understatement to to just say that Unimates has many people from different cultural backgrounds. Unimates is so diverse that at any event, I can always count on meeting someone from a new country. It that sense, my attitude to Unimates changed.

So at the end of Semester 1 2010, when Unimates held the Annual General Meeting (AGM), I decided to run for 4 committee positions and spectacularly failed to get elected at all. 

Yu Heng, the outgoing President at that time, told me I could still be a General Committee member. So I thought, why not? It’ll offer me a good chance to learn the ropes.

Even then, I didn’t got off a good start. At my first official event, the City Tour, I lost my entire group and got shitted on by a pelican at Fish Market.




Yes, that’s me two years ago. Now stop gawking.

Bloody pelican.

Anyway, one more semester rolled by and Unimates held a General Meeting because some of the committee members were leaving. Joyce (who was to be Treasurer later) and I got elected as Coffee and Cakes Officers. Or as the Constitution now states: Coffee and Cakes Coordinators

So as Coffee and Cakes Coordinators, Joyce and I were essentially controlling the backbone event of Unimates. We had to power to make or break Unimates. Furthermore, I realized that this was my chance to capture power in Unimates! 


Joyce and I scheming


Dave Ball approves



So I planned, schemed and began laying out my course of action. Soon, I realized that having one ally was not enough. I needed one more ally to complete the trinity of power that will dominate the Committee and steamroll any opposition.

Hmm…. who shall it be? Turned out the answer was sitting right beside me:


Thea laughs while I brood over her future.



So another semester passed by, and Unimates held the next AGM. Joyce was elected as Treasurer, Thea elected as Secretary and I was elected as Vice-President. Once I became Vice-President, I realized I need a makeover if I wanted people to take me seriously. No more looking like a hobo. Gone was the fedora, gone was the shaggy hair, gone was the facial hair. I got a haircut, shaved and started dressing more appropriately:


I laugh as someone confronts my evil plans



And the rest was history. After six months as VP, I took over as President and from the Iron Throne, ruled with an iron first and iron heart. Forever shall my name be spoken in fear and awe. 


Bow before me, pelicans



So there you have, the history of my rise to power*

Aside from that, I had the one of the best times of my university life with Unimates. I would like to thank the outgoing committee members for all their hard work and effort. Without their dedication, Unimates would never been where it is today. I would also like to thank everyone from the previous Committees for letting me have a chance to develop personally, and for providing one of the strongest bonds of friendship I ever had. You people were truly awesome.

I would also like to thank Ben Yan, Danny Wang, and George Hwang for mentoring me when I first became Vice-President. Without their patient tutelage, I would probably cause a colossal fuck-up.

I would like to thank the two Presidents of SUAMS (Sydney University Association of Malaysian Students) for working so closely with Unimates during the past year. Thanks, Andrew and Wei Ming, for Sharing the Malaysian Love, especially after my fellow Singaporeans called me a traitor (okay, okay, I should have joined the Singaporean Society). But seriously, you guys are top blokes.


Fist bumping Andrew


BFF Wei Ming



And I would also like to thank Sarah from TCA (USYD Teochew Association). If she didn’t inform me about the Masked Murder on the Dancefloor Cruise Party (quite a mouthful), Unimates would not have taken part in this awesome, awesome event. So many thanks to her! From one Teochew nang to another: jiatbẹung (Sorry, that’s the only phrase I know). 

And many thanks to both Joyce and Thea for being the rock and the hard place. With their firm support, their complete dedication and their tireless efforts, I probably wouldn’t be able to achieve anything. I was basically standing on the shoulder of giants. 

Once again, thanks everyone, for the great memories and the great friendships. Especially you, the Unimates member. Thank you for your support! And thanks for reading my ramblings during this semester. 

I wish everyone the best for the exams. Without further ado, I bid you good night, and good luck:


To all Singaporean naysayers!


Zareth Lim

VP S2 2011/ President S1 2012

For Fun, For Friendship, Forever


*60% of the story is fictional. The author takes no responsibility. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

[Unimates] Newsletter week 11

Week 11 Event – Spit to Manly Walk

Unimates is holding a walk from Spit to Manly on Week 11 Saturday. It is an approximately 4-hour walk, starting from the Spit entrance, across many bays, beaches and there is eye-catching scenery throughout!

There will be two resting stops at Clontarf Beach and Dobroyd Point. At these stops, we can rest and have lunch together (please bring your own lunch as there is no food provided there), while enjoying what the nature brings us. Upon reaching Manly, we can choose to spend some time enjoying the beach, or some people may decide to stay and have dinner as their reward for the long walk. To mark the end of the whole walk, we will take a ferry ride back from Manly wharf around 4 pm.

You’ll get to see Sydney Harbour Bridge from another view!


We can assure you that the whole trip will be very comfortable and enjoyable, so get prepared and get the best out of the bush walking experience!!!


Date:  26th May 2012 (Saturday)

Time: 10:00am – 4:00 pm

Cost: FREE!

(You will need to pay for your own transportation fee:

–          Bus fee from Wynyard to Spit: $4.30

–          Ferry from Manly to Circular Quay: $6.60)

Meeting time:  9 am

Meeting venue: Wynyard Station, York Street Entrance (We will be wearing our Unimates T-shirt, so surely you can’t miss us)

What to bring: Hat, comfortable shoes, sun cream, water, camera, swimming suits (if you intend to swim LOL) and your own lunch.


Please RSVP for this event here, so that we know how many people to expect, and contact you if there are any changes to the event.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact one of the event leaders: Youngtae (0437401510) and Hermes (0422886028).

Coffee & Cake (Tuesday 11:30 am – 1:00 pm)

Coffee and Cake this semester will be held at 11:30am- 1:00pm on Tuesday on the lawn across Butlin Avenue from the MerewetherBuilding, between Biochemistry and Wentworth Buildings. However, if it rains we will be under the Biochemistry footbridge. The two places are right next to each other so it shouldn’t be difficult to find us on the day!

So come and enjoy some yummy cakes and snacks with us or get your daily fill of coffee or tea between classes, while you meet up with new and old friends from Unimates.
From this semster, cakes and teas are sponsored by Yuga Cafe.
*When? Tuesday 11:30 am – 1:00pm
*Where? Biochemistry lawn (small grass areabetween Biochemistry and Wentworth buildings, across Butlin Ave from Merewether).Click herefor the map.

*Cost? Free! 🙂

The Game of Votes is over. Unimates AGM 2012 Result

So the Game of Votes is over, and once again, Unimates have elected the 2012/2013 Committee who will be taking over at the end of Semester 1, 2012 (08/06/2012). 


The results:

President: Patrick Ward

External Vice-President: Tom Dominic De Guzman

Internal Vice-President: Andrew Song

Treasurer: Andrew (Andy) Jung

Secretary: Yasutoshi (Yasu) Park

Public Relations Director: Esther Li

Marketing Directors: Rachel Wong and Sarah Ruchikhachorn

IT Officer: Kevin Nguyen

Event Coordinators: Adam Nguyen and Cecilia Hidajat

Major Event Organizers: Al-Karim Madhavji


If you’re still interested in joining, don’t hesitate to let us know. The available positions are:

Welfare Officers (1 male and 1 female)

1 Cumberland Representative

1 International House Representative

2 Event Coordinators

2 Coffee and Cakes Coordinators

2 Major Events Organizers


Congratulations to the new Committee! And a round of applause for the nominees who did not win any positions but gave their very best. It was definitely one of the most intense AGM I ever had, especially for the President role.

I look forward to meeting all the new committee during the official handover meeting. 

Good luck to the next Committee!


Zareth Lim

President of Unimates

For Fun, For Friendship, Forever


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